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Golf Irons Face And Brush

Golf irons have a front face with substantially hyperbolic forward convexity. A standard problem in golf is the slice produced because of striking the ball off-center relative to the centered sweet spot on the front face of an iron head. While front faces have been made with different inclinations, the unwanted “slice”,and also “hook” remain as problems.

It is a major object of the invention is to provide an improved iron head that combines the objectives of accelerating the self-correcting spin of the ball with the desired visual effect of a trapezoidal head front face. Basically, the pinnacle ischaracterized by the front face having bulge curvature defined by intersections with that face of planes generally normal to that face, such intersections defining curved lines that are substantially hyperbolic, with formed convexity. That is typicallyemployed in a trapezoidal front face zone.

Consequently, the ball struck off-center by that hyperbolic face is given a spin-rotation that tends to more effectively pull the ball’s line of flight back toward the specified straight path, than for a circularly curved front face.

As will appear, the crests of such hyperbolic lines of intersection could also be blunted to have less curvature than the crest of the hyperbola; and the front face may have roll curvature defined by hyperbolic lines of intersections; or, the front facemay be defined by an hyperboloid of revolution.

Golf irons brush designed to wash all golf club irons of loose and embedded debris is provided. The device comprises a housing with top and bottom openings and a front slot extending from top to bottom. The housing has interior opposing brushes which define a central gap through which a golf club iron head is swiped. The housing allows the club head to be passed through, in horizontal alignment of the club shaft, in the direction of the control grooves on the face of the club. This permits the brushes to clean inside the grooves for a thorough cleaning.

Golf, one of the oldest sports in our country, is played on courses everywhere in the world with little or no equipment or rule differences from country to country. There are two kinds of driving golf clubs, namely irons and woods. The irons, approximately 8-10 per golf set, are the main target of this invention. The standard golfer will utilize his irons whenever he or she needs to maneuver the ball from an area where a golf tee can’t be used, corresponding to on the rough or the fairway. The tee, after all, supports the golf ball and allows a clean ball and club impact without the club head touching the ground. A wood club is typically used for tee shots. With iron shots, where a tee is usually not used, the club head is forced into the grass, soil or sand to contact the ball.

Golf club irons, being numbered in consecutively ascending order up to nine, with a further wedge, have control grooves disposed on their ball striking face. These grooves, sometimes designed as V-shaped, U-shaped and/or square grooves, play a major roll in ball control. As the club face strikes the ball, these grooves help in grasping, controlling and spinning the ball. Unfortunately, when a good shot is made, a divot (a bit of turf, grass and/or dirt) is often dislodged from the ground by the club, leaving dirt, grass and/or sand in these grooves. If a player continues to play the game without cleaning these grooves and the club face, each subsequent shot will be effected by this foreign material. As debris gathers and fills the control grooves on the club, control is soon lost and distance and accuracy will likely be adversely effected.

Middle-Long Wavy Human Hair Wigs 100 Unprocessed Brazilian Hair Wigs OnlineTherefore, it is crucial that the club head, especially the face and control grooves therein, be cleaned after each shot. In addressing this problem, there have been a lot of devices incorporating cleaning brushes for use on the club heads. Such devices include housings containing brush elements disposed therein which are applied against the club face, or, alternatively, the club head is inserted into the housing and moved back and forth in engagement with the interior brushes. Oftentimes, such housings also contain a cleaning solution which surrounds the brush elements to assist in the cleaning action.

While such devices are relatively effective, they suffer a certain limitation in that the brushing action is often applied in a transverse direction to the orientation of the control grooves. That’s, most of these housings only allow the golf club to be inserted vertically, with the shaft of the club oriented perpendicularly to the plane defining the opening of the housing. The transverse action of the brushes is inadequate to completely remove all debris particles from the innermost corner regions of the control grooves. A parallel brushing action is the only effective way to completely remove the tiny particles from these regions of the control grooves. However, the construction of the prior art housings don’t allow for the insertion of the golf club so that the club face will move across the brushes in a parallel direction.

This enables the golf irons head to be inserted and run through the housing such that the bristles engage and run with and parallel to the interior of the control grooves for a more thorough cleaning. Author Box Kamea has 1 articles online

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