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The Dos And Don’ts Of Using Clip On Extensions

Peruvian Straight PU Taping  Human Virgin Hair ExtensionsClip on extensions are made from either synthetic fibres or real human hair. The extensions add volume, length and a lovely look to your personal natural hair.

Hair extensions can be found in a large range of colors like blue, black, red, pink and brown, they are also available in a variety of various lengths to suit the person. To make sure your extensions look completely natural and are clipped onto your hair properly and securely, you would require certain skills to realize this look. To start with, let’s have a take a look at some dos and don’ts:

The Dos:

    Follow the care instructions provided with your Clip on Extensions to ensure that they are long lasting, and value for money.
    Be sure to squeeze the water from your hair very gently with a towel after shampooing.
    Make sure you employ a soft bristle brush while brushing your hair, and make sure to run your fingers through the extensions to straighten them out before brushing.
    Very carefully, shampoo your hair in a downward direction.
    Use an oil, serum or conditioner to condition your hair towards the edges away from the bottom of the Clip on Extensions.

The Don’ts:

    Never pull or tug at your hair once you’ve got applied Clip on Extensions.
    Do not wriggle your fingers in an upward opposite direction to the extensions when shampooing your hair.
    Never use an oil, serum or conditioner at the bottom of your hair as this will likely cause the extensions to loosen.
    Never apply any type of chemicals to your hair, as this may occasionally cause your clip on extensions to become hard and unruly.
    Never vigorously arid your hair after shampooing, as it will damage your extensions. You may alternatively pat your mane dry and squeeze out the excess water.

How do Clip On Extensions Work
Extensions of top quality are made from human hair, with the most popular being Indian Remy Hair. They’re attached to your individual hair by small undetectable clips. The clips are clipped in between sections of the hair and are quite pressure sensitive, which makes it essential to watch out while handling them. Hair Extensions are fun to make use of, very affordable and a straightforward way to change your red wig hair style at anytime. The secret is to get quality clip on extensions, in the correct color and texture to blend perfectly with your own hair.

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