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Ionic Technology And Flat Irons

Many hair-straightening and hairstyling fanatics will not be fully aware of the nice benefits of using a flat iron with tourmaline ionic properties. Hairstyles fashioned by flat irons are a extremely popular trend today, and the most important contributing factor to getting a fashionable look is using a hair tool that uses a specific technology – Tourmaline.

Indian Silky Straight PU Skin Weft Hair Extensions Fusion Hair  Extensions For  Short  HairTourmaline is actually a semi-precious gemstone that’s comprised mainly of a crystal silicate mineral compound. It’s well-known for its ionic properties. This gemstone is crushed and compounded into the ceramic plates of the hair straightener. When the hair straightener is heated and prepared to be used, the ceramic plates then emit negative ions produced from the tourmaline.

Negative ions are what enable your hair to be styled. pin hair to side It’s also what smoothes out your hair and prevents static, thus maximizing straightness and silkiness. Tourmaline technology has been duplicated by many name brands in addition to many generic brands of hair tools. From personal experience, I can honestly say that lesser-known generic brands don’t perform as well, and do not last as long because the name brands out there.

Flat Iron Brands
There are a lot of brands of flat irons and hair tools, so it may be a bit confusing to think of which one is best or which one will fit your personal styling needs. Popular brands of flat irons include Sedu, Solia, T3, Farouk Chi, and GHD.

Sedu is my personal favorite because all models of their flat irons are lightweight, very portable, and so they get my hair looking exactly the best way I want it to. No other hair straightener has gotten my hair as straight as the unique Sedu flat iron.

Solia’s flat iron is a bit heavier than Sedu, but many have seemed to view these two as near equals.

T3 has been a trusted and authoritative brand in hair salons for a while now. T3 products are used by my personal hair stylist and work very well. However, they are pricier than the two mentioned above if you don’t get the T3 on sale.

Chi flat irons are also great, but I’ve already stated which flat iron I liked best.
I have seen GHD utilized by celebrity hairstylists on television. Although I cannot vouch for them personally, GHD must have some merit if they’re being utilized by these well-known hairstylists.

What to think about When Choosing a Hair Straightener
If you’re in the midst of deciding which hair straightener to decide on, I like to recommend choosing a reputation brand that has ceramic, tourmaline, and ionic technology. Hair straighteners containing these properties will immensely contribute to a fantastic hairstyle!

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pin hair to side

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