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A Condition, Definitely Not An Infection

There has always been an excessive amount of debate and discussion regarding coming up with a proper term to be used for children who suffer from dwarfism. Most people who find themselves going through it are fine with idea of being called “person of a short stature”. On the other hand, there are some individuals who do not mind being known as “dwarfs”.

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Dwarfism is a condition which basically involves being of a short height, which involves a halt and doesn’t increase with age. There are various causes that lead to this condition, some of which include a genetic mutation happening, inheritance, hormonal or metabolic disorders, and chromosomal and pituitary gland’s abnormalities.

There are also different forms of dwarfism, out of which achondroplasia appears to be the most commonly occurring type. This occurs when both parents of a toddler belong to an average height. In fact, the factor of both parents being of a median height is what contributes to one of these dwarfism 85% of the time.

As a toddler with dwarfism starts to grow, there are a couple of other issues that may start going down akin to susceptibility to ear infections and breathing problems, delayed development of motor skills and pain in the leg or lower back.

People who have this condition usually must face plenty of societal pressures and discrimination, as most individuals consider them to be incompetent and never as skilled fishbone braid hairstyles as the other members of the society. Furthermore, people believe that additionally they lack intellectual ability, which isn’t true.

This is one area where most persons are inclined towards being critical. However this isn’t the case as such people have absolutely normal mental functioning and intellectual abilities like another person of their age. It could be wrong to contemplate dwarfism as a disease, which requires treatment to be controlled. Some people undergo this condition, which doesn’t make their abilities any different from that of the rest. They don’t need treatment and may stay healthy and live long lives.

Simply because a person is short, she or he does not become incapable of living like the rest. Such people try their best to live normal lives; they study, work and get married just like people who find themselves taller than them.

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fishbone braid hairstyles

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