dark blonde clip in hair extensions

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DIY Clip-In Hair Extensions

You possibly can mess around and determine what works best for you and your hair type, but a typical set of clip-ins would include 4 wide back pieces and 4-6 small side pieces.

1 Piece Deep Wave Virgin Hair Weave Cheap Deep Wave Hair BundleTo custom-fit your extensions, measure your hair along the back, first just above the nape, then about an inch above, then from about 1/2 inch behind one ear to the opposite, and the last about an inch above that. Cut the hair from the weft in those lengths, and double or triple them – in case you are adding length, but not volume, you may want to simply double them, and vice versa. I’ve short, fine hair, so I triple most of mine. This implies I take 3 identical pieces and layer them dark blonde clip in hair extensions one on top of the opposite (facing the same way – this is very important should you choose hair dark blonde clip in hair extensions with any curl!), then sew them together along the weft at the highest (a whipstitch works well). Some people glue the wefts together, but I’d still add a number of stitches at the ends and middle in case you choose to do that.

That is where a sewing machine is available in handy – it cuts way down on time. Loose Wave Brazilian Hair 4 Bundles Virgin Brazilian Human Hair Weave Because the weft lines are so thick, it’s really difficult to sew them directly on top of one another (you can’t really pin them, and so they keep slipping off, even with basting). I lay them down next to each other, sewed the first two together, after which the third to that. I used an invisible polyester thread and a medium zig-zag stitch, to keep them even.

When you’re done, it is best to have 4 wide back pieces, and 4-6 smaller strands of hair for the sides. I alternated between 2 weft and three weft thicknesses for variety, so I’ve 2 thicker back pieces and three thicker side pieces.

dark blonde clip in hair extensions

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