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The continued Battle With Leaf Curl

I will admit it. I am on my last gardening legs when it comes to stone fruit. For the past few years I’ve watched as my peaches and nectarines have battled, fruitlessly, against the dreaded peach leaf curl.

Malaysain High Quality Natural Wavy wigs Black Color Real Human Hair Wigs For Sale Thick EndsThis year I am determined to follow through on a rigorous anti-leaf curl campaign to see if I can actually produce sufficient fruit to make all this work worthwhile. But before I submit fully to chemicals, I’m going semi-organic and placing my faith in copper oxychloride this season.

So if you’re in the northern hemisphere, then now, at the tip of autumn, is the time to start out your campaign.

Leaf Curl – An summary.
Peach leaf curl is a fungus with spores that hibernate on your tree over winter, able to burst forth and wreak havoc on your leaf and fruit buds early in spring. It causes excessive leaf fall, damages your fruit leading to an early drop and, if severe, can result in overall decline within the health of your tree. Leaf curl tends to be worse in humid areas, and once you spot the tell-tale signs early in the growing season, the most effective you may hope for is to limit its spread.

So the answer is to deal with the hibernating spores over winter, so they don’t infect your emerging leaf buds.

And as with all gardening approaches there’s the good, the so-so and the ‘only if it’s important to’ options.

The great:
An organic approach is always worth trying first. There are numerous organic options for leaf curl including spraying with neem oil, using a compost tea and watering in washing soda across the drip line. There is also a college of thought that you just remove and burn infected leaves as soon as you see them. However this requires daily discipline and doesn’t really fit with my hectic working mother lifestyle.

I will have to be honest and say the organic approach hasn’t worked for me (although I’ve only just heard in regards to the washing soda option so I am giving that a go). But I am also moving on to something slightly more heavy duty…

The so-so:
This season I’m placing my faith in copper oxychloride. Readily available at garden centres, it is taken into account an organic option by some, but I’ll place it in the so-so basket.

I plan to spray every 6 weeks throughout the dormant period in an attempt to kill off the spores. Then repeat spray at bud swelling and bud burst. It is important to realize full coverage if you spray, and to spray only on dry days.

Lime sulphur can also be considered highly effective against leaf curl and is permitted for use by certified organic orchardists. Lime sulphur and copper oxychloride are usually not compatible however, so choose one or the other – not both!

Provided that it’s important to:
There are a large number of commercial fungicides available out of your garden centre which can even help to address your leaf curl problem. These will include chlorothalonil, amongst others. For those who choose this route it’s best to speak with the staff at your local garden centre who can be able to help you choose one of the best product.

For now, however, I’ll persevere before resorting to the chemicals. Wish me luck!
Author Box Fi McMurray has 1 articles online

Fi McMurray is a garden enthusiast and author who has been gardening organically for 10 years. She has been involved with 2 award-winning gardens at the prestigious Ellerslie International Flower Show in Auckland, New Zealand.

Her latest book is “An Introduction to Successful Organic Gardening”, which joins her previous books “Successful Rose Gardening” and “Secrets to a Thriving Herb Garden”. You will discover out more about Fi’s books at her website.

Fi lives north of Auckland, New Zealand, together with her husband and two small children.
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