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Growing Out Short Hair – A ProgressUpdate

OK, I try not to post too many pictures of myself on this blog for various reasons, but since I wrote that post about using wigs to grow out short haircuts (for those of us with no hair loss problems) I have noticed a lot of searches reaching the blog about just that issue. I just snapped a quick, crummy iPhone picture of my bio hair for some friends to see how much it’s grown since December when I buzzed it off for the last time, so I figured why not post it here too To try and keep the comparison equal I will upload a fairly crummy iPhone pic of both my before and after hair, but in the before one, right after I cut it for the last time, I did at least have makeup on. In the after picture I do not, because I never go out in my bio hair right now and it is only in non-wigcap smashed condition in the evenings right after I take a shower. But, I thought it might help someone to she human hair weaving yaki 8 18 inch see, first of all, how drastically short my hair was when I started growing it and secondly, how much growth occurs in four months’ time.

Obviously with hair as short as mine was, any sort of siginificant length is going to be years in the growing. I do recommend taking one pic per month of your hair just so you can really gauge the progress, because when you are dealing with your hair day to day it can be easy to forget how far you’ve come. The monthly pictures really help ease the frustration of waiting for it to grow by showing you just that.

Last haircut, in December (and yes, it is December in the South, hence the appearance of a summer day):

Four months later (in pajamas and no makeup, so be kind):

So see, for those of us not struggling with hair loss, it really will grow, even if it feels like it will take forever.

I also have not been heat-styling it at all (including blow-drying) or dying it. I am totally  letting it go. I never would be able to do that without the wigs to wear during the day. The goal she human hair weaving yaki 8 18 inch is to have something healthy on my head when it is grown out. I will admit that seeing the picture of me with that super-short do tempts me to do it again, but I am determined to finally grow it out this time.