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Human Hair or Man made: Choosing Custom Hairpieces
Losing hair can feel like you’re losing some you, but it doesn’t ought to. With such a wide variety of hairpieces and custom wig design options you’ll be able to really make your wig feel and look just like you. Selecting between human hair hair pieces or synthetic wigs is one of the biggest judgements when choosing a new wig, but with this guide you real human hair extentions can rely in whichever you select is best for you.

Why Human Hair Wigs
Real hair wigs are often the preferred wig type because of their natural look and feel. Real hair has a real human hair extentions shine plus a more multi-dimensional color which synthetic wigs just cannot reproduce, which is a frequent reason people go with a human wig more than a synthetic wig. In addition to a more natural look, real human hair wigs also have a holistic feel that is much softer and has a finer texture. This may be important for women who favor the feel of human hair or for someone who prefers to keep the wig a secret.

Considering that human hair wigs are constructed with real hair they are able to also be styled, rinsed, and colored such as real hair, that is another desirable explanation many wig masters choose a human hair hairpiece for their custom hairpiece. In synthetic hairpieces there is less room for creativity in styling as they are much less heat resistant since human hair wigs.

Such as human hair, human hair wigs also require a lots of maintenance and frequent washing and styling. You will also have to deal with the unpredictable things locks often does. Frizzy and knotty hairs are all widespread occurrences with real human hair wigs, just like natural hair would do.

Why Synthetic Hairpieces
Human hair wigs tend to be more expensive than man made wigs because of the high demand and a relatively lower supply of human hair. Synthetic wigs offer a less expensive alternate for your custom made wig needs, yet there are also other reasons to choose synthetic fibers more than human hair.

For one, man made wigs require much less care as the tresses are fixed, which can be appealing for women who are literally unable or too busy to spend period styling every day. In addition wig technology is rolling out so much so that some synthetic wigs look and feel exactly like human hair wigs, with all the benefits of like a low maintenance alternative.

At Wigs and Hair Solutions, we help our clients with their hair loss. If you find yourself experiencing hair thinning, call us to discuss options. We specialize in custom made synthetic and human hair wigs, partial pieces, and toppers to pay for any level of hair thinning. Whether your hair reduction is only temporary or a permanent occurrence, the stylists will be able to develop the look you want which has a high quality wig, pad, or partial piece.

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