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Dating: when to tell someone about yourhair

In my opinion, the initial phase of dating is THE most stressful part of having alopecia. I’m comfortable with alopecia myself. I can take or leave friends if premium remy human hair they don’t accept me, though most people don’t care. But dating is trickier.

While it’s true that someone who’s genuinely interested in you will not let HL get in the way, you have to spend some time letting them get to know you before they have a chance to feel that way about you. If you’re holding back this secret from them while that happens, they may feel duped. And if you tell them too early, they may be taken aback and not take the time necessary to develop that bond. It’s a catch 22.

I should disclose that I’m 38 and married, but I started wearing wigs at age 13, so I’ve never dated anyone that I DIDN’T have to have this conversation with. I’ve done it a few different ways with varying results.

What my experience has taught me is that you tell someone at the point where you’ve developed enough of a bond that the connection looks promising and disclosure is appropriate, but before either one of you are in so deep that it would be painful to walk away.

That said, I’ve learned this through unguided, and often un-thought-out trial and error. No one in my family has hair loss and my mom died when I was young, so who would I even ask I’ll give you a quick run down of the approaches I’ve tried and how they’ve worked.

First serious boyfriend, age 19: Didn’t mention it. Figured he knew because he touched my hair when we made out. He brought it up the night we consummated our relationship, telling me that a rival girl had told him. I believe that, but I also believe he knew anyway. We were together for 4 years.

Second serious boyfriend, age 25: Mentioned it casually when it was time for me to order a new wig, which was after we had developed a bond (too late by my standard above). This was not a surprise to him at that point, but he took the opportunity to ask, So, why do premium remy human hair you wear wigs , I answered, and it was never brought up again. We were together 6 years.

Third serious’ boyfriend, age 31 (met on internet): Told him on the phone before we met. I was pretty terrified to tell him because I had never told anyone that early-on, but felt it was necessary before either of us spent money on a plane ticket. Because I was terrified I kind of made a big, uncomfortable deal of it, which I don’t recommend. He did not mind, but became obsessed with seeing me without my wig. That topic is a whole different post.

Relationship that never happened, age 33: We met in person at a conference but lived in separate states. He pursued me by phone & email and we were planning a trip. Imperfections’ came up in random conversation so I warned him that I have one. He invited me to tell him, so I wrote him a long email about what alopecia is and how long I’ve had it and wigs and blah blah blah. I do not recommend this – people take cues from you on how big a deal it is. Keep it small. He stopped emailing me and we never made that trip.

My husband (also age 33): We had been friends for  6 months but were considering more – I wanted to take our relationship slow and he told me there was a window of opportunity’ that might pass us by. I told him there’s no way he could know if we’d be a good match at this point and he said he could. So I said – oh yeah, well you don’t know THIS about me. We spent all night on the phone that night and have been together ever since. I also don’t recommend being a brat, even though it worked in this case. It probably worked in spite of my approach.

So, surprisingly, not mentioning it was probably the easiest approach and it worked pretty well. But I eventually decided that I had an ethical obligation to disclose this information, which is why I settled on the approach above.

And that pretty much sums up my thoughts on dating with hair loss.🙂