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Diary of a Hairless Woman, Part One: Buying “New Hair”
by guest writer Jodi Pliszka, M.S., the actual world’s leading Solutionologist®

Purchasing a fresh wig can be very terrifying, especially if this if your first time. Don’t worry, I am here to help ease the apprehensions and share some stories to assist you gain the confidence to pick out the wig that is best for you! Initially when i first started losing my own hair to hair loss, I was only Thirteen years old. By the age of 20, every bit involving hair, over my personal entire body, was fully gone. I was devastated. I felt consequently lost and so upset at everyone along with everything. I remember our mom suggesting i needed to go “wig shopping” along with her. I was very proof and remember yelling at my mom, saying “wigs are generally for old females!” I was in refusal and didn’t want to come to terms with the fact that my hair was really gone knowning that there wasn’t anything I possibly could do about it. This particular denial makes it really hard for a lot of women to visit shopping for a wig, to replace their beautiful, misplaced hair.
I was embarassed when I stepped into my own first wig shop, Les Wig Shop. There were foam heads, painted with gaudy makeup, false eye-lash, and cheap synthetic “old lady wigs” sneering at myself. I wanted to run outside and cry. There weren’t even any outfitting rooms for me to try out the different styles, and that i felt so subjected and naked, baring my own bald head to other folks in the shop. My partner premium quality human hair and i felt violated and also humiliated.  Needless to say, this kind of wasn’t a positive memory to me. It’s amazing how instances have changed and how online shopping has really made it easier for women avoid much of the emotional angst that is certainly caused by having to get into a wig look and endure this technique. My perception involving “wig shopping” has really changed, though, in the past 28 a long time.
Purchasing a new wig is a very emotional choice for women because we’re losing control of the situation before us. Many women feel that they are pressured into societal submission by having to cover their particular bare heads. Though we can’t control our hair loss, be it as a result of alopecia, chemo, trichotillomania, or other ailments, we can control the way in which we react to this process. Wig websites tend to be truly a gift previously mentioned for us all. These people have  explain the colors, variations, materials, cap possibilities, and even offer add-ons, like No Sweat® ships by Headline That!®, to help make wigs sense more comfortable. The process of researching and shopping for hairpieces online is very soothing and reassuring, enabling women to procedure their emotions, secretly and discreetly.
Women can gain back power over their hair loss, by just buying wig, which in turn becomes your the “new hair.” I encourage women to use this kind of terminology to empower themselves and restore control over their scenario, whatever it may be. After all, it’s hair, it’s new, along with it’s yours. So, be confident that you will find the right fashion, color, and fibers that is best for you along with your budget.
However, make sure you remember that hair is merely an extra piece of charisma for any women. Our own true beauty emanates from within and we needs to be judged by which we are and not premium quality human hair by what we look like on the surface in. Don’t be afraid to test out a fancy new head wear or comfy headscarf or just go sans hair to mix up a bit. Do precisely what premium quality human hair is right for you, not just what others expect individuals. You only have one particular life to live and–curly hair or no hair–ensure it is the best life it is usually. As I outline inside my award-winning autobiography, Bald can be Beautiful: My Voyage to Becoming, try and turn your road blocks into opportunities while focusing on your health and wellness. Staying positive is the key to be able to health and success. There is certainly life after baldness, and I’m sure that you are going to look great wearing a great new hair style or color, or maybe you will discover something that looks just like your hair, prior to sacrificing it. Either way, maintain the faith and always trust yourself. Your mindset will inspire so many people, in case you aren’t aware of it.
Dropping my hair helped me find who I will be. It also helped me total my Master’s degree along with PhD work in therapy, to better help women, like myself. We was  featured on many TV shows, like Life time TV’s Health Corner, with my story on alopecia, and I would be a top finalist on ABC’s American Inventor as the award-winning creator of the patented Simply no Sweat® liners by Subject It!®.
If you are looking for the little extra comfort under your wigs–as I often was doing–please try my No Sweat® inserts by Headline It!®. My liners are manufactured from a very soft, high-tech “wick wear” material that pulls sweat away from your head along with traps oils, salts, and odors in the liner, not your current wig. This allows you to scrub your wigs more infrequently, saving you money by stretching the life of your hairpiece. My liners furthermore block wig fibres from irritating your scalp and aid regulate your core body temperature, through menopausal flashes and cold times.
Jodi Pliszka is the world’s leading Solutionologist®. She is the celebrated host of Ripley’s Believe It or Not Radio’s Weird Medical Illnesses and the inventor regarding No Sweat® liners through Headline It!® Jodi is the award-winning author of Bald Is Beautiful: My Journey to Turning out to be and the Bella along with Gizmo’s Adventures series. A new clinical therapist as well as president/CEO of Pliszka’s Adventures, Jodi has become featured in Entrepreneur, Forbes, and countless other newspapers, magazines, as well as talk shows, discussing her alopecia account of Tragedy to Triumph.  Jodi was a Top Finalist on ABC’s American Inventor and has recently been featured on Life span TV’S Health Part, as well as NBC, FOX, Cbs television studios, ABC news plus more. For more information about Jodi Pliszka, the actual Solutionologist®, please visit or