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My Life Story
Hey Yall
Well i have never really met any other people with alopecia from around the south (well if i did they wore wigs)
well see i dont really wear wigs well i do but only on occasion or when my parents make me. I guess im that way because i lost my all my hair when i was about 3 years old so i really dont remember having it.. Ive just seen pictures but my Hair was Long curly Dark Brown hair…very pretty hair. and it didnt really bother me until i went to school and you know how Kindergardeners can be… they would pick and tease at me and call me names oh there were so many it hurt really bad it did but one day i went home cryin to my parents and they thought of getting me my first wig and so then i was all up for it. we were a kinda below average but above poor family and so we did funraisers to raise up the 3,000 dollars it would cost to get the reall human hair wigs . but luckly with gelp from our community and God we pulled through it and i was able to get my first wig. It was the first day of school with my Brand New Human Hair wig. I thought Personally it was just gorgeuous but some of the other kids thought other wise. i went through the day and you know they treated me the same as they treated the kids that naturally had hair but that same day at lunch (we had those lunch tables that you faced the person in front of you the rectangle lookin ones)but anyways that day i was eating my lunch and all of a sudden i heard these boys behind me laughing and whispering “do it”do it” and you know i wasnt going to turn around cause i was pretty sure they were bout to do something stupid. then all human natural hair of a sudden they came up behind me and Pulled my Brand New 3,000 dollar hair off of my head and threw it to the floor pointed and just stepped all over it and human natural hair by this point every one in the cafeteria had ttakin interst in to what was going on and the whole lunchroom just started laughin even The teachers laughed and known of them did anything about it so i just turned around and tried not to cry cause i was always taught not to cry by my dad. So i tried to hold back my tears but it didnt work i just sat there with my head down and the tears were just fallin on to my little plastic tray ….You know i never told momma and daddy about that day when they asked me about what had happened to the wig i just said i had fell at Recess and i stayed at that school until i was in the 3rd grade. then my parents divored and i chose to live with my dad so we had to move to another school oh and what Joy that is. when me moved my dad had got a coachin job at a university so i hardly ever got to see him at all my 4th grade year. I practicly lived at my PawPAws for that whole year but Ill tell you bout that year tomorrow Cause now my little southern but is goin to Bed Sorry to leave you hangin but im T-A-R-D IM TARD im past tired but anyways ill write again tomorrow night or morning idk but thanks for reading i hope yall read again tomorrow and the next day and so forth lol but thanks again for reading