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Raquel Welch The Grand Collection

Wig technology is constantly evolving! And the designers and technicians at Raquel Welch wigs are always working to be ahead of the curve. Human hair wigs that are designated as Remy human hair wigs are the highest quality available. Remy human hair has been carefully sorted so that the hair strands are gathered so that all the human hair length roots of the hair are together. By having all the hair strands lay in the same direction, the hairs’ cuticles remain undisturbed and fall like natural human hair with far fewer tangles. This extra step in the sorting process results in silkier, stronger hair and higher prices for the actual wig.

Once upon a time – the color of a Remy human human hair length hair wig would have human hair length been the actual color of the original donors’ hair strands. Unlike most human hair wigs, Remy human hair was not processed to change its color. However, due to new processing technology, Raquel Welch offers Certified Authentic 100% Remy human hair wigs that have been de-colored without damaging the cuticle of the hair strand, allowing for more colors to be available in each style. The proprietary non-toxic process uses no harmful bleach or ammonia and is environmentally safe. The Remy human hair is de-pigmented over a 15-20 day period using a patented osmosis process. For example: if the original human hair from multiple donors was dark brown, the new RW patented technology can remove its color and dye it a different shade without damage to the hairs’ cuticle.

The Raquel Welch Remy human hair process results in color-fast, fade resistant, soft hair in a range of stunning colors. If you want the finest human hair wigs, see the Raquel Welch Grand Collection.