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When “The Hunger Games” hits the big screen in March, be sure to pay attention to the hair colors. Lead colorist Cherry Petenbrink had to come up with fanciful colors for the cast, including 500 extras. There are blue ponytails and pink curls and other rainbow hues.

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“Isn that spelled wrong ” was all I could think at first. But you and I both know what a game changer that human hair extentions site proved to be. It hard to cast my memories back that far, but the internet was such a shapeless mass of potential information before search engines came along to help us make sense of it all.

She announced the happy news on her website on Friday, writing, and I have been blessed with the new love of our lives. Ava Grace was born at home on Wednesday. We never experienced a level of joy and happiness like this before! Thank you so much for all of the special wishes and positive energy.

I’m human hair extentions trying to have no expectations. I feel very lucky to be chosen as a Rising Star. I just want to enjoy this opportunity and learn as much as I can from this experience. I’m just as guilty of becoming less romantic and spontaneous as a relationship goes on. Sometimes, us guys, we need a little nudge to be reminded of the man that we were when we were first courting you (and it never hurts to lead by example have you bought him flowers lately ). You also have to remember this is no one way street.

MM: As a child I always painted my toenails, but I had a terrible fingernail biting habit that I couldn’t seem to cure. Then I went to college, and my sorority sisters gave me a hard time about my scraggly nubs when it was time for rush. I ended up getting acrylics and when I took them off, my nails were extremely damaged.

And reacting quickly, despite lead times of over a year for upcoming collections, is key to H dominance. Their in house designers don’t go to the international shows, but they do follow style blogs and cult television; the design studio in Stockholm is home to a vast “inspiration library”, where books on Bauhaus architecture sit alongside a Beatles annual and cartoon strips about dinosaurs. Dotted around are mood boards decorated with pages torn from shoots in magazines, archive photographs and street style shots; next to them are storyboards for collections, with evocative phrases like “New England” and “Carnaby” and swatches of materials pinned to them to illustrate patterns, prints, colours and themes.