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Ode to Alopecia

This poem was kindly submitted by blog subscriber, Michelle. I love her attitude and sense of humor!

Hair loss, and alopecia in particular, is only one reason people wear wigs. And we welcome wig-wearers of ALL kinds. But, I thought those of us with hair loss might enjoy this. Big thanks to Michelle for allowing me to share!


Ode to Alopecia  (after menopause)

My periods done, I was having some fun,
when what to my wandering eye should appear,
but two tiny bald spots just in back of my ear.
The doctor said “stress” and I said “oh yes,
my daughter’s wedding this fall, so that must be all.”

The hot flashes came, the hot flashes went,
the wedding was great, my money was spent.
Then scratching my head one night before bed,
human hair evolution my human hair evolution scalp I could feel and I started to squeal!
Now maybe it’s stress but I think I can bet,
that there’s something more serious going on here.

The patch on my scalp was the size of my hand,
and back at the doctor my buttocks did land.
“Stress,” she said twice, ‘fore she looked at my head,
and then when she did “oh that’s bad” is what she said.
She gave me some pills and still told me to chill,
join a gym, take a swim and come back in six weeks.
I finally, myself, on the internet peeked,
and found lots of good stuff on this thing and I squeaked,
“alopecia areata,” that’s what I got.
But just STRESS, I did say, it is certainly NOT.

So as my hair goes, my butt falls toward my toes,
and my boobs become slack and I cannot wear black,
(cause the blond hair still falls and it sticks to my back)
I have hats, lots of hats and a few pretty scarves,
which are good for us girls with no hair upon ours.
It’s not all out yet but I’m willing to bet,
that before summer’s done I will officially have won,
a place in a store which sells wigs and much more!

For now I wear hats, and clean house like I have cats.
I am sick of the hair that is stuck to my chair.
And I hate when the wind lifts my hair past my chin,
‘cause then everyone gets a good look at my skin!

But you know even though it human hair evolution is quite a pain,
to be constantly cleaning my hair from the drain,
and to see my skin roll in some very odd shapes,
and to pull a few muscles just opening the drapes,
I am still very thankful for all that I have,
‘cause even when I’m bald I can still get a laugh,
from the kids that I teach or from some silly movie,
or even a nice guy who tells me I’m groovy.

So to all my friends out there with no hair on your head,
be grateful, ‘cause bald is much better than dead.