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Meet The Wig Experts: Elizabeth, Megan & Lisa

Our clients are always asking us what we like because they trust our opinions. After all, we are the Wig Experts! We regularly share with you what we consider our top picks, from our favorite lace front wigs to our favorite human hair wigs. But we thought you might also like to get a little more personal with us. Each of the Wig Experts at has our own personal favorites. And today you get to meet 3 of us and learn what each expert loves the most in the world of wigs. The Wig Experts Present… Our Favorite Things!

Wig Expert Elizabeth

Wig Expert Elizabeth

Favorite Wig: Scene Stealer by Raquel Welch

Favorite Hairpiece or Extension: 18″ Remy HH easiVolume by easiHair

Favorite Wig Tip: Roll wig in towel after washing and pat it dry.

Favorite Hairpiece or Extension Tip: Take two pant hangers with clips and line them up together. Now you have four clips. Use this to hang your extensions to dry or use them to hold the extensions while styling. I hang mine from the shower rod or hand towel holder.

Favorite Care Product: Jon Renau HD Smooth Detangler 8.5oz

Favorite Accessory: The Softie by Jon Renau

Favorite Wig Brand: Jon Renau

Favorite Hairpiece or Extension Brand: easiHair

Favorite Celebrity Hair: Blake Lively

Fun Fact: Elizabeth is known for wearing hairpieces around the office quite often. And sometimes more than one at a time!

Wig Expert Megan

Wig Expert Megan

Favorite Wig: Jamila Hi by Ellen Willie. It’s cute and simple

Favorite Hairpiece or Extension: 16” EasiXtend Elite Remy Human Hair Extensions by Easihair. I love the added length and natural feel.

Favorite Wig Tip: When wearing a lace front, always adjust your wig at the ear tabs to avoid stretching the cap or tearing the lace

Favorite Hairpiece or Extension Tip: Customizing your hairpieces or extensions will give you an added natural appearance and make you feel as if you are not even wearing wearable hair. It’s a real confidence builder!

Favorite Care Product: HD Smooth Detangler by Jon Renau because it adds longevity to your wigs made with HD fiber.

Favorite Wig Brand: Jon Renau because they cater to ALL women from fashion to hair loss.

Favorite Hairpiece or Extension Brand: Easihair because their remy human hair is THE best and their pieces are less dense and more natural!

Favorite Celebrity Hair: Ellen Willie. Her styles are natural, easy to wear, and require minimal styling. Perfect for the woman on the go!

Fun Fact: Megan isn’t just a Wig Expert, she’s also one of our models. She was recently featured in our Anniversary Lookbook.

Wig Expert Lisa

Wig Expert Lisa

Favorite Wig: Julianne By Jon Renau. I love this look, and its totally in right now!!

Favorite Hairpiece or Extension: 16” EasiXtend Pro Human Hair Clip-in Extensions by Easihair. I own them and the hair fiber is incredible and human braiding hair feel so amazing! Even after long wear and heavy styling.

Favorite Wig Tip: Keeping a wide tooth comb always handy and combing at the nape of the neck every few hours will preserve the wear of the wig!

Favorite Hairpiece or Extension Tip: Use your dresser drawers to pinch in the clips to better style the wig and let it sit. Great way to store it too.

Favorite Care Product: human braiding hair A combination of the BeautiMark Hydra Conditioner with some BeautiMark Intensive Recovery Mask is amazing to revive your human hair style!

Favorite Wig Brand: Jon Renau

Favorite Hairpiece or Extension Brand:  Easihair

Favorite Celebrity Hair: Raquel Welch and her timeless yet modern style!

Fun Fact: Lisa has short hair, but uses extensions to create an instantly long look when she wants a change.

Meet more of the Wig Experts soon!