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Im back!

This is my buddie taddy teddy. like me he has been through a lot and has a few patches and repairs. 🙂 I hope everyone is doing well!
I went to a place called hairclub for men and womem. and this is what I have to say…. Well it would be wonderfull if I had 3,500 $ to spend on myself hehe but here in the realworld I need a better car a lot more than hair and I cant even free human hair afford that so it’s not an option at this point in time unfortunatly,,, its not like being bald is the free human hair worst thing in the world for me. but the goodnews for parents of children with hairloss is that they have a program for children to get free hair! or so it says in the booklet they gave me.
I still havnt got a new wig and the only fake tattoo ive put on didnt look good becuase my haed is still baby butt white from my bandanna wearing lol. so now Im trying to SLOWLY get a bit of a tan on my head. I kinda started looking forword to getting a tattoo on my haed so thats why im not going down so hard on the hairclub ordeal plus I just went there to get a ballpark idiah on how much somthing like that would cost. now I will say they are a little pushie but thats sales poeple in general. they wanted me to apply for a loan and this I have never done befor. I was not approved and I know I have no credit so I wasnt suprised they turned me free human hair down. I basicly just wanted to know what they had to say. it was just like the infomercials lol. a dvd to watch “testimonials” and a book to look at befor after pics. and met the hairstylst. but if you can do that sordof thing. I would probably say go for it…..
O h yeah I got my new keyboard yaaaaay!!!!!