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difference between remy and human hair

Don’t be Fooled by the Natural Hair Care Myths

Divas,have you found a fact There’s a lot of hair care myths out there that we just follow without knowing what’s actually difference between remy and human hair true and what’s not.To be frankly,there is no mystery to getting gorgeous swoon-worthy black hair. Read on as we reveal the truth behind four common hair care myths.

Myth #1        My curly hair is thick, coarse and strong; so a rough tug will get it to cooperate.



It’s important not to confuse texture with volume and density. Many curies have fine and fragile hair, especially tight curly to kinky curls. Handle with care!

Detangle your curls while they are wet with conditioner to provide slip. Apply your favorite conditioner from the difference between remy and human hair scalp and use a wide tooth comb to gently work through from the ends to scalp.

Myth #2     difference between remy and human hair  I must shampoo daily to remove product buildup and oils.



Shampooing does remove buildup and oils, but your curl type should dictate how often you shampoo to avoid over-drying.


Here is a quick guide- Wavy/loose curls :2-3 times per week. Curly/tight curly :1-2 times per week. Kinky: 1 time per week.

Myth #3        Through the day I need to brush and finger comb my hair to get it stay in place!

 curly hair

Never brush or over manipulate dry curls or you may tear, stretch the fragile strands or create a mess of frizz.

Apply styling gel while your curls are sopping wet. This will provide definition and hold that will last all day!

Myth #4        Black hair is stronger than other hair types.


The internal structure of black hair actually makes is more susceptible to breakage than any other hair type. If hair is chemically relaxed this adds to the possibility of breakage.

Organic, virgin coconut oil is very effective at moisturizing and strengthening the hair. It actually penetrates the hair shaft to moisturize inside the hair, unlike most oils which only coat the hair.

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