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How to Wear Wig Cap

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Wig caps are used to keep wigs attached to a person and ensure that they do not premium remy human hair extensions fall off. They are placed inside of the wig, and are usually elastic so that they can fit snugly on someone’s head. Constructing a wig cap can be useful for costume design, or for regular everyday wear.

One of the biggest challenges faced by people who wear wigs is making the wig look natural on top of their real hair. A wig cap covers the hair, much like a small stocking cap, to keep it controlled and to provide a smooth surface on which the wig can rest. Wig caps are generally small caps made from premium remy human hair extensions a type of nylon similar to that found in pantyhose, though they can premium remy human hair extensions be made from different materials and in different colors. People with short or long hair can use these caps if they wish, and some hairstyles may require one for a wig to fit properly.

Many people make the mistake of wearing the wrong color cap underneath their lace wig. Wearing the wrong color cap allows the cap to show, which signals to people that you are wearing a wig of some sorts. Imagine going out for a night on the town and finding a person you are interested in. You push your hair back out of your face and the cap hiding your hair is visible, talk about an embarrassing moment that will haunt you forever.

You should choose a cap that is as close to your normal skin tone as possible. It allows you to blend the cap in using powder that matches your skin tone. You can also dye the cap to the correct color of your skin tone if you do not wear makeup.