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Diary of a Hairless Woman: Alopecia Consciousness
September is Country wide Alopecia Areata Awareness 30 days so we are having a guest blog post published by a woman who really understands alopecia –  Jodi Pliszka, M.S., President and also inventor of the No Sweat Liners by Head line It! Jodi is also an award winning author. Her autobiography Bald is Beautiful, My own Journey to Turning into has been said to be “life’s handbook for anyone going through challenging in their lives.” She says she is thrilled to share her life along with Alopecia and support people expedite their challenges by mastering through her encounters. The video below considers the concept of beauty and exactly how it is affected by thinning hair. Thanks Jodi for your invitee blog post!
When I had been 20, I was in a car accident that amazed my system, and also within one month I had been rendered completely hairless. I was a junior in college and wasn’t confident how to cope with my personal new disorder. My personal alopecia areata had turned into full blown Alopecia Universalis, complete loss of hair over my entire body, which impacted less than 200,1000 people in the You.S. back in 1986. Today, the numbers of individuals with Universalis offers jumped to over 40 million people. Doesn’t this make you wonder precisely what is in the water that we are drinking to cause this kind of
I decided to go back to school to obtain my Master’s degree and PhD operate in Psychology, to better support people with differences. Alopecia can really be demanding on a person’s psyche; the entire world is designed to market toward beauty, and just concerning every other ad the truth is on TV, read in the magazine, or go to a billboard, has to do with mascara, hair goods, or items to plump your brows. Moving into a superficial entire world, it is difficult for many males and females to cope with Alopecia.
The sole place where demonstrating beautiful hair styles is quickly accepted is in wig websites, which cater towards people who have hair loss issues. These types of venues far exceed the old way of strolling into an “old ladies wig shop” to try on outdated wig fashions as well as feeling like only a woman, during this obstacle. offers informative videos, classy photos of wig types, colors, and a wide variety of information to make any kind of first time wig buyer feel more comfortable.
Social networking has really helped deliver our Alopecia neighborhood together. I number a group on Facebook or myspace called “Alopecia Universalis.” It’s a great spot to gather and discuss photos, and suggestions, about living with Hair loss. We provide a loving environment that is optimistic and focused in order to encourage people of all ages, genders, and cultures. It’s excellent to know that you are not by yourself in this world, and to see others, like oneself.
“Losing my hair reduced the problem find who We are.” I was featured about Lifetime TV’s Health Corner, with my account on Alopecia, and was a top finalist about ABC’S American Inventor Television human hair weave clips show, as the human hair weave clips award winning inventor of the patented Zero Sweat® liners by Headline It!®. After you find your “new hair,” if you’re looking for a little further comfort under your wigs, hats or neckties, as I always ended up being doing, please try out our No Sweat® boats by Headline That!® – now 20% off in the course of Alopecia Awareness Month.

For more information about Jodi Pliszka, the particular Solutionologist®, please visit or You can email your ex at