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When choosing to ombre’ or do any color process on your wig, the most important component is doing a strand test ladies! A strand test will help you determine if your wig is able to withstand the chemical process, and will also give you human hair extensions zala an idea of what the color will look like. Below are the steps to safely color your HUMAN HAIR WIG.

 by RPGshow Hairstylist @shearphysique

You’ll need:

1. Developer

-I used 20 volume salon care from Sallys Beauty Supply

2. Lightener (bleach)

-I used Paul Mitchell

3. Shampoo (sulfate human hair extensions zala free)

-I used Paul Mitchell moisturizing human hair extensions zala shampoo

4. Conditioner

-I prefer Ion Smooth solutions keratin masque

5. Cuticle sealer

-I used Joico cuticle sealer

6. Color bowl and brush

7. Plastic bag to protect counter top

8. Gloves to protect your hands


1. You are going to want to protect your bathroom surface or counter top from the bleach, a plastic bag or some other form of plastic will work.

2. Mix your  lightener and developer. Follow the instructions on the products you purchased.

3. Choose a small section of the wig hair. Preferably the middle section (this allows you to still use the wig in the event you decide not to go through with the coloring process after the results of the strand test)

4. Use color brush to apply color evenly on strand of hair

5. Make sure to watch the lightener lift to your desired color, take note of the time it took to achieve that color.

6. Wash strand thoroughly with luke warm water

7. Shampoo with your choice of sulfate free shampoo. It is very important to make sure the shampoo is sulfate free as you do not want to cause additional damage to the wig

8. Condition and apply your choice of cuticle sealer. It is important to use cuticle sealer as we want to lock in the moisture when the hair is colored as to not give a dried out look. Rinse out with cold water to seal cuticles