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Wig Styling and Maintenance: Products andTools

What products and tools to use on a wig varies from person to person. There’s literally a ton of information on the internet and YouTube about styling products and accessories individuals use on their wigs, and I couldn’t even begin to summarize them all. It’s one of those areas where different people will completely contradict each other about how to proceed and what to use or not use. What I’ll do is share what I use and let that be a starting point for you, since I don’t use very much in the way of products or accessories. Hopefully, others will share in the comments anything they consider to be essential to styling, storing, or otherwise caring for wigs so we can create an ongoing dialogue of information for others.

Keep in mind that, up to this point, I have only ever worn or cared for synthetic wigs. Those of you who wear human hair wigs will be especially needed in the comments section to address the needs of those wig-wearers.

1) Wig caps/stockings: The actual core of a wig is called the wig cap, but so is the stocking cap people wear under the wig, so that gets a little confusing. Although my hair is uber-short, I still wear a wig cap because my hair is fine and slips out from under a wig pretty easily, and the stocking cap keeps it in place. I have also found it makes the wig more comfortable and less likely to slip. I have them in all colors – black, dark brown, and beige – and depending on what color wig I’m wearing I switch them out. My approach is to match human hair extensions tape in remy the wig cap to the darkest color on the wig, so that if a strong wind blows the wefts show as little as possible. If I’m wearing a monofilament top wig where a part will show, I put a beige cap on to try and mimic the scalp color to accentuate the parting area (the part doesn’t show as much  with a black or dark brown wig cap). Some people with short hair don’t wear stocking caps, and many with hair loss don’t wear them either. In general, people with longer hair feel the need to wear wig caps to keep their natural hair in place. Some people will pull out some of their own hair at the hairline to create a more natural appearance, human hair extensions tape in remy as well. I don’t do this because my bangs are so short it would look ridiculous! There are also mesh caps which are supposed to  help with wig slippage even better than a regular one – I’ve tried them and found them too tight for my liking, but some people do prefer these.

2) Wig mannequins: While I now have so many wigs I can’t keep them all on wig stands, to start out I bought a few styrofoam wig heads that I could put my wigs on and keep them in a cabinet. You don’t have to spend a crazy amount of money on a wig stand, although they do sell nice ones like you would see in a store with pretty painted faces if you want such a thing. You can even get plastic stands which are foldable that you could use for travel. There are also taller wig stands to accommodate long wigs by allowing them to fall nicely instead of bunching up on a shelf (I just put a regular-sized wighead on top several wig boxes to create the same height). I prefer the styrofoam heads that are slimmer in circumference – these, which are very commonly found, have a much rounder head shape than the ones I like. I call the rounder ones alien heads’ because, well, to me they look like beings from another planet.

3) Brushes and combs: I prefer to use a brush that is made specifically for wigs, but not everyone does this. The one I like best is called Spornette Super Looper Brush for Hairpieces and it has special looped bristles which help to reduce tangling when brushing long wigs, but there are many other wig-specific brushes out there from which to choose. I also keep some three-way combs on hand; I like using the wider side with tangles or curlier wigs which I don’t want to frizz out by brushing; I can also use the three-prong side for creating parts on a monofilament wig.

4) Leave-In Conditioner: When it comes to putting product on my wigs, I always go with those that are specifically made for synthetic hair, but there are certainly many people who go outside this realm when caring for their wigs. If you’re more adventurous than I am you can certainly find a lot of information about regular hair products that have worked for others’ wigs.  Leave-In Conditioner is by far my most-used wig product, which isn’t saying much since I use as few products as possible on my wigs (just a personal preference; I don’t like putting product on my bio hair either and use as little as possible). I spritz extra at the nape of the neck on my long wigs because I feel this is an area that gets extra frizzy due to the friction there. I used to use Hair U Wear’s version, but I’ve used and liked  Jon Renau’s as well, and I’m currently stuck on Velvasil Spray Leave-In Conditioner.

5) Wig Lusterizer: In my limited understanding, a lusterizer is oilier than a conditioner and adds sheen to a synthetic wig to help slow down the drying-out process that will eventually happen. I use this product more sparingly, but on occasion I will spritz on Tressallure’s Wig Lusterizer to keep my wigs moisturized. This is another area where many people use products for bio hair as well.

6) Hairspray/mousse/gel, etc.: I have some of these products that I’ve tried over time, but honestly I just don’t use them. I want to wash my wigs as little as possible to preserve their life span, and I just don’t like the idea of product in my wigs in general. It’s a personal thing. When I bought my first wig, I bought a little Tressallure travel kit and tried out the different products in it to see what worked for me, and the gel and hairspray didn’t impress me enough to keep using them. However, there are all sorts of products out there to use on synthetic wigs just as there are a vast array of products for bio hair, and different people will report different results for all of them.

7) Shampoo: Once again, I go with what’s specifically stated for use with synthetic wigs but others report equal or better success with bio hair products. I use Hair U Wear’s Moist Shampoo on mine – a little dash in a sinkful of water does the trick. I just put the wig in the sink, swish it about a few times, and let it soak for anywhere from 10 to an indeterminate amount of minutes as I sometimes put them in there and forget about them! I’ve left a wig to soak as long as an hour and it did no damage, but I am sure that’s not recommended. I think 10-15 minutes is a more appropriate amount of time.

8 ) Curling spritz: Ah, now here’s one specialty product I do like! I ended up with it by accident when I intended to buy shampoo but clicked Hair U human hair extensions tape in remy Wear Curl Up Curl Enhancer into my cart by mistake. Since I bought it, I decided to try it on one of my wavy wigs, and to my surprise it added a nice little bounce to the wig’s curl pattern. As I said in my review at Vogue Wigs about this product, it  won’t perform miracles, but it will bring curls and waves back to life a little bit.

9) Liquid fabric softener: I read online about using liquid fabric softener on synthetic wigs to reduce dryness and frizz and decided to give it a go. While, much like the Curl Enhancer, I don’t think this is ever going to perform miracles on a wig, I liked it’s effects enough to continue using it. I just buy general liquid softener that is unscented and occasionally throw a dash of it into a sinkful of water when dunking a wig. Much as with washing wigs, I’ve forgotten about mine on occasion and left them in the sink with the fabric softener for as long as an hour before and experienced no ill effects, but 10-15 minutes is probably long enough.

10) Wig clips/toupee clips: I do not use these and cannot speak to their effectiveness, but I know a lot of people do sew these clips into their wigs to make them more secure.

That’s about all I have as far as accessories and products – please leave any of your tips in the comments below!

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