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Meet The Wig Experts: Valerie, Antoinette & Jennifer

Our clients are always asking us what we like because they trust our opinions. After all, we are the Wig Experts! We regularly share with you what we consider our top picks, from our Top 20 Hairpieces for Hair Loss to our Top 20 Wearable Hair Products. But we thought you might also like to get a little more personal with us. Each of the Wig Experts at has our own personal favorites. And today you get to meet 3 of us and learn what each expert loves the most in the world of wigs. The Wig Experts Present… Our Favorite Things!

Wig Expert Valerie

Wig Expert Valerie

Favorite Wig: Spirit by Jon Renau. You can customize the trimming of this cap to match your exact hairline!

Favorite Hairpiece or Extension: 18” Top Form Exclusive Colors by Jon Renau. It is the most natural looking piece I’ve seen yet!

Favorite Wig Tip: Always keep an extra wide tooth comb in your purse.

Favorite Hairpiece or Extension Tip: I recommend washing your piece every 6-8 wears. Use the BeautiMark care line to pro long the life span of your item.

Favorite Care Product: Pure Care line for human hair by BeautiMark

Favorite Wig Brand: Jon Renau

Favorite Hairpiece or Extension Brand: EasiHair

Favorite Celebrity Hair: Khloe Kardashian

Fun Fact: Valerie just had a beautiful baby boy. He’s adorable!

Wig Expert Antoinette

Wig Expert Antoinette

Favorite Wig: Gisele by Jon Renau

Favorite Hairpiece or Extension: The new EasiPart hairpieces by Easihair

Favorite Wig Tip: Think of your wigs as a new hairstyle, not a wig, and having the versatility to change whenever you want.

Favorite Hairpiece or Extension Tip: If you’re new to extensions, start with a one piece. Once you get comfortable applying and wearing them, try a multi-piece set.

Favorite Care Product: Paraben-Free Brilliant Shine by BeautiMark

Favorite Wig Brand: Jon Renau

Favorite Hairpiece or Extension Brand:  Jon Renau

Favorite Celebrity Hair: Raquel Welch

Fun Fact: Antoinette is our Sales & Client Care Manager who’s worked here over 10 years!

Wig Expert Jennifer

Wig Expert Jennifer

Favorite Wig: Zara by Jon Renau

Favorite Hairpiece or Extension: Top Billing by Raquel Welch… it has a lace front!

Favorite Wig Tip: Always have a back-up wig in case of an emergency. And always keep a wide tooth comb with you at all times.

Favorite Hairpiece or Extension Tip: Hang your extensions on a clothes hanger when you’re not wearing them.

Favorite Care Product: The Wig Stand by BeautiMark. Keep your wigs at home on the stand, not in a box!

Favorite Wig Brand: Jon Renau – they have something for every stage of hair loss, from hairpieces to wigs!

Favorite Hairpiece or Extension Brand: Easihair – human hair extensions in delhi they have fabulous ponytails, bangs and volumizers!

Favorite Celebrity Hair: Raquel Welch, of human hair extensions in delhi course!

Fun Fact: Jennifer is a wig expert, but she’s mostly known an extensions expert. She hosts HairTalkTV, the YouTube channel for our sister site