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Stray thoughts -hairesy

When my daughter was younger, she attended school on 79th Street.  Since I usually took her to school and picked her up, I would occasionally kill time by wandering up and down Madison and Fifth Avenues, shopping (dangerous!).  One day I stumbled upon Jolie Gabor’s ‘paste’ jewelry shop.  Mrs. Gabor was the only other person in the store and of course helped me look through her custom-made faux diamond bracelets, describing them in exquisite detail. I came back later with my daughter after school, to pick up my purchase (which she had sized to my wrist in the meantime) and she graciously complimented Dede.  Naturally, I returned her gesture and truthfully extolled her three famous, gorgeous daughters (Jolie herself was still beautiful).  She immediately volunteered that Zsa Zsa knew the secret to looking good well into advanced age and it was simply this: choose your face over your fanny. (Presumably, extra weight on the fanny and face being good to fill out wrinkles on the latter, etc., and you just have to live with an ample derrière) I never forgot it and assumed that as I grew older, I would simply have to gain weight to achieve that, but couldn’t imagine it happening to me.  Oh dear, my fanny was bound to win.

Standard, open weft cap

Was I wrong!  Some time later, I decided to take a culinary course since I had always wanted to learn how to make the kind things I had in Europe and South America.  Within six months of culinary school, I gained fifteen pounds.  So, my face was on track, I prognosticated, to get the upper hand in the fanny/face struggle, but I was miserable and felt awful.  Even fifteen pounds was hard on a slight frame like mine and I started to ache all over.  Moreover, I hated the way my face looked with that extra cargo, puffy and tired.

I decided to take things in hand and made a radical overhaul of my diet and exercise regimen, got rid of the extra pounds and decided to keep it off permanently. Dare I say it, not being on a pulchritude-par with the beautiful and canny Zsa Zsa, may I humbly disagree : I think you can keep your fanny and your face will thank you for it as well.

Now, no one likes to be preached to about any personal practices, and I am the last one to offer advice other than just share my experience, particularly aimed at other Boomers.  The only motive I have for bringing it up here is the reason we are buying accessory hair is to look terrific and I think the single most contributory feature to looking good as well as young is maintaining a healthy, steady low weight. To that end, I have followed a health-based regimen since I was in my early twenties, but while I was effortlessly thin when I was young, it has been an increasingly uphill battle.  Only time will tell what the long-term impact of my dietary and lifestyle choices are, but I can say without a doubt that calorie restriction is the straightest path to low weight maintenance. Not a particular diet necessarily (although I follow one that is loosely ‘Mediterranean’, with almost no processed food at all) and not merely extra exercise.  It is human hair extensions doncaster a matter of eating far fewer but healthier calories than we have been led to believe are necessary and less of better quality/more readily metabolized protein, as well as eliminating as much as possible of the S-O-S trio (salt-oil-sugar).

Full monofilament top, hand-tied cap, lace front

Along the way, I did decide to buy a couple of pieces of exercise equipment for a strenuous workout.  I still love that idea but cannot see myself doing this effectively at, let’s say, 90.    I also do yard work and household chores.  Nothing is better than dancing.  I took ballroom dancing lessons and believe me, it pushes every muscle in your body, when done properly.  They are all aerobic, working the major muscle groups, especially the arms and the core.  Combined, that kind of activity can be maintained for life, well into advanced age, safely, without straining the body, and incorporating training in balance, endurance, and flexibility as well.

But, alone, exercise will not do it.  You simply have to scrupulously limit your calorie intake, especially the older you get when your metabolism slows down.  There is something else.  The less your body has to process, in terms of converting food into fuel, the less stress is placed on the entire organism and all its systems.  A lot of research has been done on this.  Metabolism speeds up cell division and aging.  So, eating less is also beneficial to longevity at a cellular level.

Monofilament center part, lace front

Why do I place so much emphasis on this   Along with hair, our skin and physique signal youth or age, fitness or health, vitality or lethargy.  If we have beautiful hair but our skin is sallow and dull and we are overweight, we will look older than we would if neither were true. I have seen women with enviable thick and beautiful hair who nonetheless derive less benefit from that advantage than they would if they could shed the extra pounds.   I am not here to proselytize and this would not be the place to do it, I just want to say that I have experienced weight gain and it did nothing for my face, it just made me look unhealthy.  We have been told erroneously in my opinion that aging comes with inevitable weight gain, declining mental acuity, and unattractive hair.  I am not buying it.

There is no such thing as an age when we should just accept the inevitability of looking and feeling old, which is one reason I loathe the drab term middle age’ or euphemistic senior citizen’ – what marketing wizard cooked them up  A couple of years ago my cousin, a London attorney, came to visit me.  She is 60-something.  human hair extensions doncaster I hadn’t seen her in a long time and was looking for my imagination of a woman that age.  What bounded toward me was a thin, lithe girl in the latest fashion.  She wore a short black pencil skirt, striped red and black tights,  black patent Mary Janes, a wide waist-cinching belt and a cropped black leather motorcycle jacket.  I was in my standard uniform of gray slacks and a loose knit top and next to Eleanor I felt so dowdy!  I vowed to shake off my own fashion shackles and venture out more freely.  There is no need to draw a magic circle around ourselves at any age.

Pulled back, some frizz, my typical hairstyle

So, my apologies, Mrs. Gabor, but, though I may be a beauty heretic for saying so, I choose my face and my fanny and I want them both lean, crowned with beautiful wearable hair.

Wigged Smart!™

I have already expressed my reservations about using adhesives to secure a wig.  One of the other reasons they are handy for some people, is they can be used to keep stray hairs from escaping the wig in places where you don’t want them.  I have found a good alternative, for this latter purpose (and maybe it would help with keeping the wig in place, I haven’t tried that, who knows…) and that is a clear, glycerin soap like Neutrogena.  Just wet the soap with the pads of your fingers and carefully smooth the hair around the hairline to keep it down.  With or without a wig cap, I have found this to help keep those hairs in place.  Sometimes I do want to pull out a few hairs around the forehead and temples so I can brush them up into my wig.  At other times, this is not ideal and that is when glycerin soap does the trick, safely, without odor or hair damage. It dries clear and can be removed with just water.