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Is Summer Too Hot for Wigs

We always want to look and feel our best. Warmer temperatures doesn’t mean you have to give up your style.

Here are 5 of our Wig Expert tips to help you look hot, but stay cool!

Go Capless.

1. There are many different types of cap construction. But if keeping cool as a cucumber is your main goal…

Basic Cap & Capless

Basic and Capless are lightweight designs that allow air to flow more freely, which is certainly a smart human hair extensions deep wave choice! Checkout this video human hair extensions deep wave for more information about basic and capless wigs.

Go Synthetic.

2. Synthetic wigs are perfect for getting style that lasts. Zero styling hassle makes synthetic wigs a no-brainer for a girl on the go! With the amazing innovations in synthetic fiber, they are nearly undetectable from human hair. And because the fiber is light, you’ll look hot without being hot.You may be interested in our previous post where we compare synthetic and human hair options.

Go human hair extensions deep wave Short.

3. Face it… Short is Chic! Sporting a great short cut can definitely spice up your look while keeping hair off your neck. Summer is the perfect time to give them a try. Take a look at our collection of short, capless wigs.

Does giving up your long locks fill you with as much anxiety as the thought of being separated from your phone  We hear ya! Try braiding your hair. There are tons of fun styles that make braids an ideal option for long wigs. And you get more control, as well as a more natural look than you do with a ponytail.

Go Protected.

Daily Protect Leave-In Spary

4. We wear sunglasses to protect our eyes from the sun’s UV rays. In the same way misting your wig with a daily protecting, leave-in spray once or twice throughout the day will protect it from the sun. Checkout our care products to keep your wig in tip top shape all year long.

Don’t Sweat It!

5. Wanna know a wig wearer’s best kept secret  Sweat liners! We recommend the No Sweat Liner by HEADLINE IT! Not only are they great at wicking away perspiration to keep you dry and comfortable, but the hygienic liner reduces odor causing bacteria. Best of all, it’s disposable.

Although we can’t eliminate the heat for you… We hope these tips help keep you looking and feeling a little cooler.

Checkout more of our tips on how to Look Haute While Staying Cool. Write below and tell us your summer tricks for staying cool while enjoying your favorite wig.

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