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HOW I FELL Fond of WIGS: Final Thoughts
Evening 48

It’s verified, blondes do get more consideration. But surprisingly it had been as a redhead that I acquired the most flirts. Maybe redheads will be more approachable I love having the luxury of choice so much that I’ve decided to go earlier my 30 day determination. Wigs feel similar to another accessory that I now plan clothes around different styles and colours. This must be how women in the Fifties and 60’s felt as wigs and also hair was the supreme accessory used to end a look. Except, your hair quality is phenomenally better now!!!

Day time 52

I was at the airport today so when I walked via security I began considering setting off alarms. Might I have to take my human hair extensions clip on own wig off  I started out playing through other ways I could deflect embarrassment. I got through okay, however that brief moment of apprehension stayed at with me. It left me thinking about the anxiety a female who’s not yet ready to show the world that she has on a wig human hair extensions clip on must feel in such a predicament. It’s such a shame that there are women who wear or even want to wear hair pieces that fear staying stigmatized.

DAY 65

You already know you’re in love along with something when you can’t put it away! I decided to extend my wig wearing adventure ’till the end of the year. But while 2015 came to a close and 2016 started, I found myself still reaching for a wig in the morning. I never thought I would feel using this method about wigs. They will appeal to the side regarding me that’s gotten spoiled by having perfect hair every day. Seriously, I have never been to the hair stylist in quite a while (saved some money there way too). So it looks like I shall be wearing wigs for the next 14 days until I can get my hair done.

DAY 80+

Under-going this journey helps me arrive at a fresh appreciation for our clients, especially the girls that wear hair pieces daily as a requirement. What I love nearly all about wigs is the extraordinary ability to transform your mood, and level of confidence, in an instant! Whether you’re new to wigs or an skilled wig wearer, I hope this piece continues to be helpful. I would wish to get your feedback. Please share your hairpiece experience below and I look forward to sharing along all again.