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Retro Revival: Vintage Coiffeurs Make a Comeback
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As a longtime admirer of vintage hairstyles, you can imagine my delight in the recent resurgence of retro coiffeurs in fashion magazines. After so many seasons of unkempt updos, the return of polished hairstyles is truly refreshing. Below are just a few of the looks that sent me swooning, along with tips on how to achieve the looks yourself!

Veronica Lake photo via Flickr user Iconista, Lily Cole photographed by Anthony Maule for Vogue Russia via Fashion Gone Rogue.

FEMME FATALE — Veronica Lake’s iconic, swooping style is a sophisticated way for ladies with long hair to tame their mane. To get the look, part your tresses to the side and set your strands in hot rollers.

Audrey Hepburn photographed by Howell Conant via Flickr user Fred Baby, Susie Bird photographed by Thomas Whiteside for Elle via Fashion Gone Rogue.

TERRIFIC TOPPERS — Audrey Hepburn’s signature do is accentuated by an oversized headpiece in this gorgeous photograph by Howell Conant. Whether you’re sporting a chic chignon or a closely cropped coif, adding a little something extra can take a vintage-inspired outfit from just OK to all-the-way. Try accessorizing your locks with a silk scarf,¬† vintage hair comb, or fake flowers.

CBrigitte Bardot via Flickr user Sarahhlove, Esme Wissels photographed by Adriano Russo for Fashion Gone Rogue.

AU NATURALE — Brigitte Bardot’s tousled tresses adds a hint of playfulness to an otherwise ladylike outfit. Muss up your mane by adding a bit of mousse to damp roots, blow dry upside-down, then flip over and tease the crown.

Hedy Lamarr via Flickr user Ondiraiduveau, Meghan Colson photographed by Ben Toms for Vogue Russia via Fashion Gone Rogue.

HIGH DRAMA — ¬†Actress Hedy Lamarr smolders with chic style. Recreate this look with bobby pins and a heaping of hair spray — spray your locks with hairspray, set your bangs and ends in hot rollers, and then, once removed, secure them with pins.

Are you also excited about the return of vintage hairstyles, or do you human hair extensions bronx ny think they should stay in the past Which hairstyle would you try for yourself