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How To Communicate with Your Hair Stylist: 6 Expert Tips


Navigating salon speak can be a minefield. Whether it’s working out the difference between Permanent and Demi-Permanent colors (you can suss that out here, by the way), trying to explain the exact shade of dirty blonde you want, or just understanding what your stylist is talking about when she says she wants to give you a textured, graduated cut. It can get messy.

Vivian, product development specialist for eSalon and a superstar hairstylist/colorist extensions real human hair in her own right (with over a decade of experience), tells us how she likes to work with her clients—whether it’s cutting in the salon chair or through our unique eSalon custom hair color experience. Here are 6 tips for communicating with your hair stylist.

Use Visuals

If they are aiming for a big change, I always tell clients to bring pictures of what they want. Your idea of 2 inches may be different than mine. The same goes with color. Everyone sees color differently, so therefore if you want to go red, be as specific as possible.

Start collecting pictures (Pinterest!) of hairstyles and color you like. The more visuals, the better!

Tell Me What You DON’T Want

As well as knowing what you like, I always like to ask what you don’t like. Do you hate short layers Do you not want warm tones


Remember, the first consultation is when I am trying to learn about you to make sure I give you a style that you will be happy with. Think of it like a first date!

At eSalon, this means filling out your ‘note to colorist’ at the end of the questionnaire and being as specific as possible.

Don’t Use Fancy Lingo

However, don’t try to use fancy hair terms because most likely, you’re using it wrong. Some of the most misused terms Balayage, thinning and texturizing, brassy, toners, beveled and graduation. Try to describe in your words.

Be Realistic

If you are not likely to blow-dry your hair everyday with a mixture of 3 different products, tell me. How much you like your cut and style will depend on whether you are able to recreate the look at home…which depends on how much effort you are willing to put in.

It is my job to educate you on how to duplicate the look at home. If you want something very low maintenance without the use of products, I am not going to give you a textured cut or blunt bangs.

iStock_000026678538_ResizedKnow That I Will Be Honest

If you bring in a photo of Lauren Conrad’s latest Lob, but you have the natural texture of Sarah Jessica Parker (circa season 1 and 2 of Sex and the City) I am going to point you in the direction of a more suitable cut.

The same goes for color. I always ask our eSalon clients how frequently they will likely be touching up. If you are a “once every 6 months” kind of a color client, going for a platinum blonde or a vibrant red is not going to be a good idea.

Allow Me to Do My Magic

Once I have gotten a feel of what you are looking for, sit back, relax and let me do my thing. That is the reason why you are sitting in my chair right  There is nothing worse for a stylist than to be micromanaged the entire service (Guys, this means leave the girlfriend at home!).

It’s not about getting your business, but about gaining your trust. What I always loved hearing the 13 years I worked behind a chair was when a return client sat in extensions real human hair my chair and said, “Do what you think will look best, I trust you”.

Ultimately, what I love to hear from my eSalon clients is that they love their hair and they are happy. If we have formulated a color that you absolutely love and is better than what you expected, then our job is done.  At the end of the day, we are here to make you happy and make you feel your best.