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What I’m Wearing Now: Wigs of TheWeek

I think this update is a little late in coming, but I’ve had an unusually un-busy week, which as you know sometimes leads to getting even less done than you do when you are busy. In spite of my respite from school and internships, I managed to get out and about a bit and wear some great hair while doing so. Here’s what I’ve been wearing since the last update.

And yes, the two long clip in remy hair extensions straight Ferres are still winning:

Manhattan Soiree by Louis Ferre (in T32/6)
Soho Chic by Louis Ferre (in T32/6)
Laine, by Rene of Paris (in Auburn Sugar)
Samantha, by Amore (in Toasted Brown)
Bridgette, by Jacklyn Smith (in Raisin Glaze)

Because of the cost of those Ferres, I’ve been wearing them out but taking them off when I get home and replacing them with something else. I’ve found Laine in Auburn Sugar to be a nice compliment to them, as well as the Bridgette by Jacklyn Smith, although I already managed to ruin that one by trying to trim the bangs – I should know better than that by now, I know (I had already ordered a backup since I really liked that one, so at least I know another one is already on the way). Samantha was worn out with a friend one day when I didn’t feel like dealing with a lacefront – Samantha is still the easiest go-to wig in my collection.

And on a side note: I was an epic fail at wearing a wig to my boot camp class, so I’ve been bio-hairing it to my workouts, but the class made plans to clip in remy hair extensions meet for happy hour one night when no class was going on; in the end I said to hell with it and showed up in Soho Chic anyway. The reactions ranged from completely clueless (Oh, I thought you’d just dyed it a different color) to familiar (Is it clip in remy hair extensions human or synthetic My boss wears human hair wigs) to enthusiastic (Wow – that’s gorgeous! I love it!). No one reacted in the least bit negatively to my dramatically different hair and, for the most part, didn’t seem to care much at all. If you’re going to show up somewhere in a wig that gives you an instant extra 20 inches of hair, you’ve got to do it with the right attitude and be willing to discuss it with others, but if you can do that, it’ll probably work out fine.