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This tiny cove is a nice 20 minute walk from Dei, and the rocky cliffs surrounding the water make it feel like a hidden treasure. Cala Dei can be very touristy in the summer, but we enjoyed the views in near emptiness in this off season with hardly anyone else in sight. I always enjoy a visit to a cemetery, and this one is particularly lovely with brands of human hair extensions views of the olive trees dotted along the mountains as they slope into the sea.

The last time I visited Florida was when my father died in 2002, and the time before that was when I moved my aunt up north from a retirement community. Call me brands of human hair extensions “down on Florida” until two weeks ago, when my mate and I spent ten days in Miami, with a short side trip to Key West. I’m a little embarrassed at how badly I yearn to go back.


He tells Elle magazine, got to travel to other historically black colleges; I was hanging out with the basketball and football teams, meeting girls. For the guy brands of human hair extensions who was the cheerleader, all of a sudden it was like, in charge. Jackson wife has opened up about the little known struggles of the couple 40 year relationship, telling fans her husband is but disconnected.


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