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Karl Nessler’s Permanent Wave

On October 8th of 1906 Karl Nessler debuted his invention which would change the hair styling world in front of an audience best real human hair extensions of hair dressers. The best real human hair extensions permanent wave machine.

childwavesetThis machine was quite impressive to hair stylists of the time, demonstrating on how high temperature heat could create long lasting curls. His very patient and hazard enduring wife modeled for him throughout the machine’s creation. She endured burns to her scalp as well as burning off her hair due to the high heat of Nessler’s invention! After some mishaps, Nessler added a fairly complex looking suspension system to help alleviate the possibility of burning the client’s head. The client would have to sit for 6 hours to create these long lasting curls and required temperatures up to 212 degrees fahrenheit. Its amazing that women spent that amount of time to have their hair curled! What a truly influential trend.


With the technology we have today, anyone can use a curling iron in their home spending a fraction of the time, with minimal dangers. Besides the far more safe hair curling tools, and significantly faster styling time, the curling iron itself doesn’t even weigh 2 lbs! What a long way we have come from Karl Nessler.