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How To put in Silk Prime Lace Closure To attain Perfection

Silk top lace closures have added a new dimension to how weaves and hair extensions are installed. Whether or not you choose

for glue-in or sew-in weave closures made from silk base they would let you achieve a flawless and pure look. The biggest incentive of installing a closure is that it might save you from mixing your real hair each time you need to install a wig. You know the way a lot harm your hair goes by each time it is advisable to mix it to match a weave and you’ll keep away from it. Also these closures offer you many more parting and styling options. However many customers find in exhausting to install them completely especially when they do it by themself. So we have stitched together just a few suggestions that may permit you to attain perfection with your silk prime lace closure.
– These closures will be installed as they arrive however there are instances when you might must customize the color to satisfy your styling needs. You should utilize a semi-everlasting hair dye and color the entire closure or elements of it in a large glass bowel. The truth is most users desire to do it as it allows them to attain a more natural look.

– Begin by adjusting the weave or extensions close to the pure hairline and part it in a manner desired. Subsequent you will need to prepare the tracks on your weft. The numbers of tracks that one wants to achieve the model drastically varies and therefore decide what number of monitor you would wish. As soon as the tracks are ready you would wish to complete the installation by either sewing within the closure or securing it with glue depending on the kind of closure you have got bought.

– It is very important create a u-formed portion of the tracks on your head’s crown. This is the place you’ll install your lace closure. This course of needs to be completed slowly and thoroughly as it’s going to decide the look you achieve.

– When you’ve got opted for the glue-in variety you will need to scrub the skin around the outer edges of your hairline using alcohol. Be sure to carry this process gently to avoid damaging your hair. Lastly make use of a comb or your fingers to make the final changes and you might be ready to steal the present.


For those who observe these steps carefully you would be able to realize perfect set up with your silk prime lace closure. As a prerequisite you would need to shop for top quality closures. That is important given the instruction of sub-commonplace hair extensions in the market that always lure you with their jaw dropping worth but in the long run turn your hairdo into an eyesore. Searching for quality hair extensions is straightforward given the proliferation of on-line hair extension stores that offer you the widest selection of lace closures made from pure human hair. You’ll find them in all colors, textures and lengths that allow you to attain the look you want.


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