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02/25/08 ~ Hair Weaving Reviews

Micro braids are mostly seen on African American girls, but they’re also worn by many people (men, girls and children) whereas on vacation in the Bahamas, Jamaica, Mexico, and many different touristy and tropical areas. In the United States, most women get braids put of their hair by professional hair stylists. Nevertheless, those that put on braids on vacation normally get them finished by a neighborhood lady wandering on the seaside asking if anyone desires their hair braided.

Micro braids could be a fun fashion for any age.
People normally solely get a couple of and they’re only worn for a brief period of time. However, those that get their whole heads of hair braided usually intend to wear this hair style for a very long time. Due to this fact, anybody who intends to endure several hours of braiding and lots of months with this hair fashion should consider just a few issues earlier than the braids are put in the hair. First, brittle hair isn’t the most effective hair to be braided. Micro braids may be very damaging to hair, and over time might cause brittle hair to break. When the braids are eliminated, the hair may very well be damaged past repair.

Prepare the Hair for Braids
Previous to getting braids, it is essential that the hair is as healthy as doable in order that it has the smallest likelihood of becoming broken by the braids.

Either perform a sizzling oil remedy at residence, or have knowledgeable hair stylist do one in order that the hair is as full of moisture as attainable.

Make certain to make use of a deep conditioner several occasions prior to braiding.
Get a haircut prior to getting the braids. The haircut will be as simple as cutting off all of the ends so that none of them are split earlier than the braids are added.

Ideas for Maintaining Micro Braids Looking Good
As soon as the choice to have micro braids put within the hair has been made, the following step is to actually have them added. If an skilled professional hair stylist is used, the braids ought to look great as soon as they are full.

Just silky weave a few vital things to recollect about caring for this hair fashion include:
After the braids have been within the hair for two or three months, have them eliminated so silky weave that the hair can recuperate from the stress of being braided for therefore lengthy. Leaving braids in too long could be very arduous on the hair and could cause it to turn out to be skinny and break. It’s common for people to want their hair to stay healthy while they’ve the braids. Many people assume that using a very thick conditioner on their hair will assist their hair retain moisture. Nonetheless, thick conditioners are often very tough to rinse out of braided hair and they will gradually go away a residue on the hair that can not be removed. Basically, thick conditioners may cause individuals to look as if they have a nasty case of dandruff.

Add moisture to the hair whereas it is in micro braids by utilizing a mild hair oil. Not at all ought to the hair oil drench the hair, however sufficient should be used in order that the hair does not feel dry and brittle to the contact.

Don’t ever get dehydrated. Not drinking sufficient water on a daily basis has an impact on the hair. So, whereas carrying micro braids, be sure that to drink a healthy quantity of water every single day.


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