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Virgin Hair
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Where To purchase Virgin European Human Hair For Wig And Hairpiece Making

A wig making pal of mine just discovered my blog and that acquired me thinking: I’m aware I haven’t written right here for some time. Apologies! I’ve been actually busy doing a whole lot of background work, and in addition struggling with my chronic well being problems. Sadly which means I haven’t got time for the extras like blogging.

I meant to put up pictures of a couple of issues I have made so I’ll attempt to get round to that ASAP.

Within the meantime, I have had some questions sent to me lately. I have replied to everybody, however the answer to one in all them I believed is likely to be useful to put up on here and I’ll elaborate a little.

Certainly one of my weblog readers asked where she might source cuticle correct hair that is suitable for a caucasian.

Raw European Hair for Wigs and Hairpieces
Procuring true cuticle hair is difficult unless you realize the place to go to. There are so many sources on the web claiming to sell virgin this and remi that.. loads of it’s absolute falsehoods, and it’s totally simple to find yourself buying actually poor high quality hair for a excessive price.

If one needs to buy cuticle hair, then the perfect sort of hair for somebody who’s caucasian would be virgin European human hair. This sort of hair is admittedly expensive, so it’s best to use it when you know what you might be doing (relatively than for learning and practising) and to use it on hairpieces and wigs that you simply envisage having an extended life. As a way to get essentially the most value from this hair sort, as it lasts a long time, you would not really want the base/basis to expire earlier than it does.

It is really necessary when buying hair to make sure not only is the cuticle intact, but in addition aligned (meaning that it has been stored root to tip – clearly identifiable in order that you already know which end is which).

There are just a few sources the place I would buy this from, however to make this simple I’ll list the 2 primary ones. Each sell cuticle correct and aligned, virgin European human hair in a spread of colours and remy hair weave color chart amounts (you should buy per small increment).

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