Methods to Dye Hair Weaves And Extensions


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The best way to Dye Hair Weaves And Extensions

  1. Prepare the new water which is boiled, and pour two cups of them into a giant bowl. Then you need to put the hair dye which you desire to to add to your hair into the water and make it melt with the water utterly.
  2. Take out a clean bucket and make it full of scorching water, 1/2 gallon is okay, after which you should pour the dye resolution which you’ve gotten ready in the first step into the bucket, stir nicely till the melt together.
  3. Handle your hair extensions or maybe the weave underneath the water till properly wet.
  4. The “making wetprocess should last for about 30 to 45 minutes, after which you could rinse off the dye under the heat water. If in case you have found that there appears no indicators of shade fading from the hair, then you could flip the hair extensions into the chilly water for washing, and after a couple of minutes you must turan again to the warm water for rinsing, just repeat this steps for several instances. And at last if the dye has completely been rinsed off, you need to let your hair extensions air dry at last.

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