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Um…Steve Harvey’s Obtained Hair Recommendation

Um…Steve Harvey’s Got Hair Advice
I’ve been identified to chuckle at a Steve Harvey joke now and again. His delivery amuses me. His opinions…not so much. Actually, it doesn’t actually shock me when Steve Harvey – or any other comedian, really – says one thing ignorant.

10-20 Inch Virgin Brazlian Hair Deep Curly 4*4 Three Part Lace Top ClosureIt isn’t the comedian’s job to be sensible, it isn’t the comedian’s job to teach. For probably the most half they remain fully dedicated to only attempting to be funny, by any means crucial. And if you name them out for being ignorant or unsuitable, that’s their first line of defense, and you’ll be attacked as having a broken sense of humor. Can you inform that I’ve heard this all before

So after i learn this submit over at Honey Brown Sugar – Steve Harvey Doesn’t Like Our Hair – my eyes just kinda rolled themselves.

To quote:
I could really care much less if Steve Harvey likes my hair to be quite honest. But, yesterday someone dropped at my attention a subject that was mentioned on his morning present and i simply had to share it with my girls! From what I understand, the conversation went as follows (Special because of the one who shared this with me!):

A lady known as in to ask the visitor stylist a hair related query. As a part of her question she mentions she is pure and wears her hair twisted and untwisted for the crinkled look. She wished to know the way to maintain her hair from breaking and how to maintain it moisturized. The guest stylist then proceeds to present her a product suggestion (from the road he was representing, Gentle Sheen).
Steve then throws in the next question: Do you’ve gotten a man The caller responds by saying “yes”, he then goes on to ask, “how does he like your hair ”, she then says , “he doesn’t like the pure look”…. Steve’s response: “I knew it! YOU GONNA LOSE YO’ MAN!” and then they cut to a business.

Oh Steve. You of all folks ought to be extra sympathetic than that.
I wish there was audio of this, as a result of it could add context to the remark. All I can do is speculate as to what Steve Harvey meant to say, or would have continued to say. And in my opinion – any man who has had a hair journey like Steve Harvey, should be extra sympathetic and appreciative of natural hair.

Sure. Steve Harvey has had a hair journey, and quite a public one. Now he’s bald, and looks good with it! Go ‘head Steve! But let’s not forget the previous. The website Bald Outing has executed an amazing job of ensuring that won’t ever occur. (Yes, Bald Outing is strictly what it appears like. Simply in case you were questioning about any of your favorite celebrities!)

In the 90’s, Steve Harvey was clearly struggling with hair loss – as pictorial proof reveals.
Then for a while he appeared to have the right hairline. Too good, some might say. So straight. So neat. Like the very microphone he’s holding within the photo beneath.

Then there was the hat section. Remember that Yes indeed. Good times.
I’m not one to speculate, but you must go forward and Google Steve Harvey wig or Steve Harvey hairline and see what comes up. Or try the Facebook group, Steve Harvey, We know That’s A Wig. Mmmm hmmm. Level made.

Barber to the stars Maurice Manley once told me that he’s received a secret “blending technique” for shoppers with male pattern baldness. It involves specialized trimming, and generally using fill-in hair fibers. Maybe that’s what Steve Harvey was doing – maybe it was never a wig. I’m not right here to disparage the man. My level is, Steve Harvey has had his ups and downs with hair and attempting to keep up appearances. wave He is aware of what that feels like. He’s lastly chosen to embrace what his hair wanted to do in the primary place. And i wager he feels freer for having done so.

In light of that, I believe it’s unfortunate that he’d feel the necessity to return down on a sister who’d most certainly had a hair journey of her own, and is free to make her own hair decisions. Telling her she’s gonna lose her man because of how she’s carrying her hair isn’t an enlightening, knowledgeable or necessarily right message.

So I gotta say from the underside of my heart: Steve Harvey, your response was ignorant and unsuitable. There are stunning black ladies everywhere in the world, who wear their hair kinky, coily, natural and free – and are cherished and in pleased relationships of all types. There are such a lot of males that LOVE girls with natural hair!

I wish your message to that young lady had been constructive. She admitted that her man doesn’t like natural hair, and that’s sure to be painful and difficult for her. As a substitute of creating her feel unhealthy, that was an incredible time so that you can say hey lady, if your man doesn’t recognize your pure magnificence, then he’s got an issue. It’s essential let him know the way that makes you are feeling. If he actually doesn’t long purple wig cosplay like it and refuses to vary his mind – you should discuss that facet of the relationship and your feelings about it, before you go about changing your appearance simply to satisfy his shallow, appearance based wishes. It’s not a pithy 10 second soundbite, however jeez. Something. Something more inspiring and clever than what you really stated.

However hey. There I go once more, having expectations of a deeper message from a comic.

What’s your view, bellas And – bonus query – what advice ought to Steve Harvey have given the caller


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