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Lace wig is a wig made with a thinnest, clear internet (lace) which is used on this kind of wigs as a hair-base. Directly to this clear foundation, every single hair fastens manually. Because of this function Lace wigs gives an impression of absolutely pure own hairdress, and allows for customers to comb and elegance their new hair in lots of different ways with no concern to point out forehead hairline by combing hair again or do hair-partings.

Firstly, since 90th years, Lace Entrance Wigs had been made with the tough plastic lace. Such Lace Entrance WIgs, due to the roughness of lace was long hair in front short in back noticable for individuals round. Nevertheless in 2006 Swiss’ scients invented a lace of absolutely new high quality which structure, except kapron, features a silk thread, this is probably the most thickness however very durable. In production of all our wigs, we apply this slicing age suprior-quality Swiss silk lace which assure of quality and, no doubts, will present you the desired consequence. With this high quality of lace you may finally be certain – nobody can notce that it’s not your own hair but wig!

Due to the manufacture technique of Lace Wigs means plenty of hand-labor and manual expertise in knitting of hair straight on a lace-base it isn’t recommended to make use of long hair in front short in back a natural Humah Hair, because it is not robust and far more fragile material. That is why nearly all of wig producers making Lace wigs with artificial, synthetique fiber. Moreover at the moment now we have the best artificial fiber ever, which is not solely utterly indistinguishable from a pure human hair, but additionally twice stronger than human hair, it is Kanekalon – top quality Japanese fiber. All our wigs made with this superior quality Kanekalon fiber.

There are some different types of Lace wigs, however essentially the most widespread: Lace front wigs, Full lace wigs and Whole lace wigs.

Lace Front Wigs is provided with a transparent lace in ahead (forehead) half, from ear to ear on a wig perimeter. Lace front wigs allows customers lots of prospects in styling their new hair – to do hair parting, or even comb hair again and reveal the hair line of the wig without worry that surrounding individuals can discover that it is the wig. Width of the frontal lace can vary from 0.5 inches to 3.5 inches. Other a part of lace wig is made with a stretch-cap that allows to put on the wig without any adhesive materials resembling glue or special bi-adhesive stickers. Compared with Full lace wig and Whole lace wigs – Lace Front is way cheaper as a result of they’ve lace part solely at the forehead.

Full lace wig is supplied with the lace around of all perimeter of the wig – frontal and the back hair line. This wig allows you to assemble your new hair in a pony-tail (Pony Tail wig) and the wig by itself won’t be noticeable for others. Width of kapron part as well as at Lace Front wig can vary depends of wig-producer.

Whole lace wig, as implies its name, has a complete lace cap – different phrases, the the cap has been utterly made with this transparent lace. This characteristic of the wig allows to consumer of hair partings in any a part of the wig and nonetheless provides completely natural appearance.

Nevertheless, the primary concern of whole lace wigs – their unreliable coupling while wearing such wig on a head because the grid of such wigs slides by yourself hair. Whole lace wigs at all times demand additional fastening on particular glue or a bilateral adhesive tape that in turn, damages a lace and significantly reduces wear-life of the sort of wigs. Either because of complexity of its manufacturing whole Lace Wigs are much dearer in comparison with Full lace wig and Lace front wig.

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