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Slicked Back Hairstyle

Hey there, we’re again with a long overdue tutorial and this time, it’s a easy technique to create a slicked again hairstyle for your wig with out using wefts.

Ultra value-effective as well!
Horseshoe U-part style Braids Cap for Easier Sew Hair Weft Medium Size Black Color1. Your wig.
– On this case, I’m using Fantasy Sheep’s wig in type: SP266 and color: T0809TT1025 for my Dearka cosplay.

It is basically necessary to choose the precise wig in your cosplay. For creating a slicked back hairstyle, a wig that is meant to be slicked again could be a better and simpler selection, however, I prefer getting a basic wig and styling it as a result of it could look extra natural.

2. Wig Stand or Wig Head
– That is for mounting your wigs in order that it could be simpler to type it
3. Hair Spray.

low-cost hairspray bought from the grocery retailer. It’s called “Jacqualine Hair Spray”. OTL
4. Wig Brush
5. Effective toothed combs
– These are essential for again-combing wigs
– The sharp tip of the comb is very important in this tutorial

6 & 7. Hair gel and hair wax (optional)
– In the long run, I did not use these in any respect for the wig tutorial

A. Layering scissors
B. Hair cutting scissors
– These are important when reducing your wig all the way down to the desired type, a normal scissors would be capable to do the job as effectively for those who don’t have either scissors.

Not included in photograph:
*Reference picture
– All the time, always keep your reference photograph close to you when cutting or styling any wig

Let’s start:
1. Firstly, study your wig to see if it wants any slicing. Most wigs want slicing and just a little bit extra layering even when it is bought in your required style. On this case, I wanted to layer the again and the sides of the wig.

2. Presently, the back of the wig looks like this:
I felt that it needed a bit of trimming so I layered it.

Please notice, when chopping or layering wigs, do not, I repeat, Do not minimize the wig horizontally unless you are cutting away a number of hair, eg, slicing a protracted wig to a short wig.

It’s because cutting the wig horizontally would make the wig look unnatural. Even with bangs, strive to cut it vertically in order that the strands fall more naturally.

Cutting vertically:
It takes more time however it’s a lot more worth it, belief me.

3) Before we move on to the precise slicking back of the wig, we’d like to cut all the pieces down to the correct form first.

Dearka has little to no sideburns. (Ref shot)
Slicking back the sides of the wig is feasible however in this case, I wished to go away a little bit of facet burns on the sides as a result of my hair is natural hair is black and slicking the sides again would risk displaying the wig net and my natural hair.

Subsequently, what we will do to compensate is to chop down the sides as short as doable. Again, use the identical method to cut and layer the sides down to measurement. Please don’t get carried away slicing and remember to cease and put on the wig in order that you don’t by chance minimize it too quick.

4. Now that the sides and again are done, we are able to transfer on the front. Slicking again the wig. The principle level of this entire tutorial. 😉

What we should do first, is to study how the fringe of your wig is structured. To get it to slick back nicely, you have to separate the fringe by it is layers.

Look at the wig scalp!
Pointers from the friendly neighbourhood emojis.

This is where the nice-toothed comb comes in useful.
Use the sharp tip of the comb to separate the layers. Beginning from the layer at the again, comb the layer backwards, and backcomb it a bit of. Be sure that it is neat.

Spray the layer (with the comb still holding it again) and activate the hair dryer. Use the hair dryer to freeze the style in place. Do not turn the heat on too excessive or you might threat melting the wig fibers.

Heed Mr Star’s recommendation!
Repeat this step to the opposite fringe layers till you get to the one proper at the front. Do the identical thing to the last layer however do not pull it back too arduous. {If you are you looking for|Here’s|If you want to find out|Here is|For} more information about curly look into our own site. That is to stop the wig cap from exhibiting.

5. Type the rest of the wig and slick it back.
Your end product ought to look something like this. 😉

Michael the wighead, rocking out the fashion fairly well.
(It seems to be layered braids hairstyles just a little like Ruki’s hair from the GazettE right here, haha.)

Enjoy! Do not be afraid to try out this identical method on different types which contain slicking again wigs.


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