How To use Hair Extensions To Cover Bald Spots


Brighter Deep Curly Hair Weave Brazilian Deep Wave 3 BundlesHow To use Hair Extensions To Cowl Bald Spots

  1. Move your individual hair into a ponytail.Not until your hair is totally flat, keep combing your hair back. Get your hair to a decrease position. Use a rubber band to wrap round your hair and guantee that it is a safe ponytail.
  2. Put the wig cap on an appropriate place.Use the spritz to spray your hair. Blow dried up the drenched locks right up until it is actually dried as much as some extent. Take the cap on your head and ensure that your head has been completely lined by it. Not until your hair is totally dry, proceed to make your hair blow dry.
  3. Start to make use of the hair extensions. Inform out the amount that it’s essential to cover your entire head of your again, and you can reduce the hair extensions if essential. Use the bonding glue to stick on the wefted part of the hair extensions, then beginning on the again of the neck, apply the extensions to the wig cap within the circular path.Then use your fingers to carry the hair extensions and let it down for a couple of seconds. Blow freed from moisture within the extension proper up till it can be fully dried up. Until you have reached the centre a part of your head, proceed to applying the hair extensions in the same approach. And if you’re doing the closure space, trim the extensions into modest dimensions and implement them up until the room is shut.
  4. Design your hairstyle. Use curling or flat irons if the extensions are made of human hair. Use rollers to curl the hair if the extensions are synthetic.

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