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Are you an everyday wig wearer and trying to make dreadlocks in your hair wigs in Canada
Here is learn how to create dreadlocks on a hair wig.

• A artificial or human hair wig having long hair to braid dreads
• A hair wig head
• A wonderful-toothed comb
• Hair clips and bands to pin up the hair
• A water bowl
• A rag
• A hair-straightener
• A weft
• A needle
• Sewing thread
• Sewing pins

Step 1: Preparing The Hair Wig
First, you need to mark the dreads by braiding the hair. You want to carry the hair wig on the wig head utilizing sewing pins and begin to braid the hair. With this braiding step, it turns into simple to keep away from the hair to tangle whereas dealing with it.

Step 2: Shape Up The Dreadlock
You want to hold the wig between your toes and start with the bottom row. Then, it’s a must to undo the braid and comb the hair. You can then roll your hair and then crimp them with hair once more until you get a thick tangled strand. After that, it is instructed to roll this thick tangled strand between your palms to develop a thinner dread. Make it tight as much as you possibly can! Then stick this strand by twisting the end of the dread.

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Step 3: Fixing The Dreadlock

When you shaped up your dreadlock, you could dip a rag within the water bowl and squeeze it. After that, place the rag across the dread. Then, you need to use a hair-straightener to iron the hair to remove the tangles and repair the dread. It is imperative to maneuver the rag, iron the hair, move the rag once more, iron the hair once more and so forth. When the rag turns into dry, you’ll want to dip it once more into water bowl. It is prompt to repeat this step a number of instances till the dread gets fastened. You should repeat this step 3-4 times for every dreadlock.

Step 4: Filling The Holes
As soon as the dreadlock stays fixed, some holes might get visible at the wig basis. It is suggested to add wefts to fill the holes. You can reduce two items and need to make further dreadlocks. It is advisable to create two new how to style long fine hair dreads identical as discussed within the step 2 and 3. Then, you have got to hold the hair with clips to fill the holes. It is advisable to sew each dread on the wig foundation with a needle and thread.

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Step 5: Ultimate Step

Finally, you’ll be able to add decorations by choosing embroidery threads in numerous shades. You possibly can out the cuffs on your hair dreads and utilize a needle to go the thread by dreadlock and shape it. Tie a knot to carry it.

Steps in short
• Select your hair wig
• Start dreading the hair
• Comb & twist.
• Iron your hair
• Add extra dreads to your hair wig
• Fix the fringe

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Hope, this tutorial is useful for all guys how to style long fine hair who need to make dreadlocks on their synthetic or human hair wigs. Good luck!


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