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It is All About Wig Making

Sorry for the delay in scripting this. I’ve been so busy with life and wig making. First off, I’ve just uploaded a short video to You Tube, in which I show you the materials I obtained from the wig making firm. To summarise:
– Monofilament Galloon in 1 cm and 0.7 cm widths
– Mild Blonde Galloon in 1 cm and 0.5 cm widths
– Honeycomb Lace in Gentle Blonde
– Superb Lace (like very nice Swiss lace) – is available in flesh tone
– Stretch Lace (has honeycomb type holes – barely totally different to some stretch I’ve seen) – also is available in flesh tone
– Transparent Thread

I additionally ended up separately shopping for a very giant reel of blonde colour polyester thread because the one I have is just an everyday cotton reel and I know I’ll probably run out of it at some inopportune moment. I also picked up an enormous pack of pins too as I discover I am using loads of these and typically they break or bend and so on.

This is the video:
I point out within the video that I have been changing a full lace wig into a non-bonded one. The explanation for this is 2-fold. Firstly, due to medical issues, the wig no longer suits me correctly for bonding. It means that bonding it is very troublesome (more-so than regular) as the wig does not need to put accurately to be adhered down and secondly, because of those medical issues I find bonding to be tough because I do not really have the power to keep my arms within the air for long durations of time regularly. So, there I used to be with a 16 inch remy wig simply mendacity in my closet waiting for one thing to occur. I actually really want a wig right now that works for me, as the hair I do have is very brief and while I don’t mind that, there are times when a lady simply wants to have long hair.

Up to now I’ve most likely spent about half a day engaged on the wig. I am half-means although. I’d say that the impact with this wig is sort of like a glueless lace wig, besides that the front is not lace straight to skin, as a substitute it is monofilament galloon. I shall be ventilating a bit more hair into the top middle, as I am parting the hair within the middle – a rarity for me! Parting the hair within the middle helps to make the density much less noticeably “pouffy” on top (one thing that I am attempting to get away from as I discover it’s unflattering on me). I shall additionally underneath-ventilate hair into the inside of the galloon as this will assist to cowl any edge. As soon as that is completed, I shall be getting it reduce into a style and can put up a pic at some point of the completed product.

Anyway, earlier than I started converting the complete lace wig, I had finished the prototype cap and tried it on. It fitted me extremely properly except for the nape. I think the nape did not work so well as a result of on my original head mould, I had not hairstyles for school youtube managed to cover the bottom inch or two of the again of my head to my nape, so when i put the sample on the block, I ended up guessing how far my nape prolonged and so forth. Taking this into consideration, I made a brand new mould of my head, put it on my block and stuffed it in order that I might start making a correct wig cap to make my first wig with. I used to be mapping out the galloon construction (by default this step essentially creates a pattern for you to observe) and had started sewing the joins, corner darts and the gathers over the ears. As soon as I have finished hairstyles for school youtube the lace wig – by the top of this week – I shall be going again to doing that. I hope to take some footage so to illustrate what I’m speaking about.


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