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Hair scarves are silk or satin in texture and are usually in a giant sq. in order that they can easily be used to tie hair back and protect it while sleeping.


Hair scarves are the best way to guard your hair at evening. Whether or not you roll, wrap, or pin up, you can’t go mistaken when you use a scarf.Some individuals will not be so fond of securing their hair at night time. Let me tell you why it’s best to consider making using a hair scarf a occasion of your regular routine.

Who Should Use Them
If you happen to ask me who should use a hair scarf, I might say everyone! Nevertheless, I do know some of you might not feel comfy sleeping with scarves due to comfort or your husband. In that case, you may strive satin bonnets or a satin pillowcase.

I’d like to invite you to present hair scarves some strong consideration although. They will protect your hair higher than anything else. If you’re a wild sleeper, you must positively use a hair scarf – along with a satin pillowcase in case it ought to come off for extra safety.

Why You need to Use a Scarf
The primary good thing about using a scarf is to protect your hair from getting tangled, drying hair style shop out, and getting snagged all through the course of sleeping. Scarves additionally help to carry moisture in your hair.

A hair scarf protects your hair from getting as tangled as it could get in case you have been to go to sleep tossing and turning especially in case you have mid-size to lengthy hair. Tangling can even occur with shorter hair.

Dryness can happen as a result of your hair rubbing around on all of the fabric in your bed in addition to rubbing in opposition to itself constantly.

It’s also possible for your hair to get snagged or pulled from your pillow or your arm all through the course of sleeping.

To be on the safe aspect, simply use a scarf!
You need to At all times Have Oneā€¦or Two!

At the very least, it’s best to use a scarf to guard your hair each single evening. You can even use a scarf to protect your hair at other occasions:

Put on a scarf to protect your hair underneath a wool hat in the winter time.
Wear a scarf when you’re taking a nap on the sofa.

Wear a scarf when you are travelling and sleeping in the automotive.
Put on a scarf when you are hanging out at house to carry in further moisture.

How to make use of a Hair Scarf
Scarves are pretty easy to make use of.

    Merely take the scarf, and fold it right into a triangle.
    Place the wide part of the triangle in your forehead.
    Tie to two ends together within the back of your head.

You possibly can tie the scarf at a tightness that fits you. Beware that when you tie your scarf too tightly, it might and will trigger a headache or neck pain! Don’t undergo for the sake of your hair style. Loosen it up a bit till you get to a tolerable level. You may also search for hair tie scarves – or scarves which are already formed in a triangle so that they’re simple to put on and tie in the again.

Where You should buy Scarves
You should buy scarves at varied on-line merchants however I sometimes purchase my scarves at Sally Beauty Supply. also has a very good supply of satin hair scarves. You can also buy an everyday designer scarf from a department store

Generally they’re much too giant to use and you could have to cut them into the form and dimension you want however they will add a nice fashionable touch.

Since being natural I now tie my hair up at evening utilizing a silk scarf and boy what a difference.
It undoubtedly helps in protecting our AuNaturale’s against dryness, that can occur whereas sleeping.
So, for those who AuNaturale’s don’t own both a silk or satin scarf , I actually recommend that you simply consider quickly including this should have to your ” need to get listing” ( smile).


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