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It’s All About Wig Making

I assumed it can be a good idea to talk concerning the importance of getting a great working position or ventilating position. I touched very briefly on this problem some time ago on this blog, however I have performed enough of my very own work now to have the ability to remark extra in depth on it.

Clearly wig making is a time consuming activity to interact in and due to the character of the beast you may find yourself sat for extremely long periods taking a look at something in very minute detail. This type of labor can have quite a destructive influence in your physique if you are not cautious and conscious. There are a number of issues to consider:

1. The place you sit in
2. Your eyes
3. Breaks
The position you sit in to work – I have tried quite quite a few positions now, ranging from the apparent one in all sitting at a surface reminiscent of a table, workbench or desk via to the much less apparent of sitting in a squishy armchair with tons cushions and a beanbag to relaxation my legs on! I even have ventilated in mattress, on my bed, sitting on a sofa and possibly some others I can not even remember.

One thing I’ve seen is that it depends upon what sort of work I am doing as to which place is more appropriate and comfortable. For me, hand sewing tends to work quite effectively with the block on a clamp at a desk/desk/bench or with the block in my lap while I’m sitting on the sofa or in an armchair with my toes on the ground.

When ventilating, I must be able to vary the position and peak of the block more simply and it varies quite markedly as to what angle/top I need the wig block to be at, relying on which area I am working on. For instance, if I am working on the right side of the muse, I prefer to swivel the block so that this aspect is primary to me fairly than twisting myself to reach it/have a look at it. In addition, ventilating for long stretches is certainly more comfy, for me personally, if I am sitting in a comfy seat slightly than at a table/desk/bench. So I have been discovering it more comfy to take a seat with my legs supported by one thing so I can have them increased up (not on the bottom), both resting on a large beanbag or a footstool. That way I can have them bent or crossed and prop the wig block up on them. I’ve additionally been using a cushion on my legs after which putting the block on that (the cushion is like the scatter sort you use on a sofa and is feather, so it moulds to the block form if I press down on it just a little bit and stops it from rolling side to aspect or away from me).

Side notice – I do know I am not the only one who ventilates able the place their legs are raised (if they are not using a clamp or stand). I once watched a video of a theatrical wig maker who worked by sitting on a high stool with her legs propped up on a high degree work floor/bench! The block was positioned in her lap. She spent hours ventilating like that – so I suppose what works for you really does depends on your physique and any physical points you need to overcome/compensate for (e.g. if you have already got a back or neck drawback to keep in mind).

If I want to ventilate on my mattress, I usually sit cross legged after which rest the block on my legs, once more using a cushion to raise the height of the block. I put plenty of pillows behind me to help my again and shoulders. You will get a wig cradle to put your wig block in, as this helps to stabilise the block when working with it in a horizontal place. It functions regardless of whether you are working at a table or with the cradle resting on your lap. It looks like this:

Out there from Banbury Postiche.
If you are working at a desk/desk/bench it’s possible you’ll need to get an adjustable chair that allows you to adjust the angle of the backrest and seat, as well because the top of the seat to an applicable degree. Workplace chairs are good for this goal. If you don’t have one or can’t afford one and find you might be sitting too low, then use some cushions or seat pads to boost the height of your chair seat. In case your work surface (and thus the wig) is simply too low, then increase the level of the block by using an adjustable clamp or put one thing giant (telephone directories, outdated shoe packing containers full of books) below the block/cradle to raise the top of the block in order that it’s nearer your eyes/hands.

– Range the position you sit in as this can assist prevent muscle ache
– Use props, if necessary, to support your body – e.g. cushions under arms or in opposition to your back or below your bottom (!) to lift you to the fitting top when working at a tough surface or a footstool or beanbag to assist your toes/legs

– Ensure your block is at the right angle in order to prevent neck strain/ache and shoulder tension
Your Eyes – Lighting is vital as a result of it can make so much distinction to how effectively you’re seeing the area you’re working on. I’ve even thought I was seeing fairly properly until I turned further lighting on and then realised that I was really straining a bit bit to see clearly. This is very a factor if working throughout the winter or within the evening/at night time. You can get specialist daylight lamps and magnifyer lamps which are free standing on a desk prime, clamp to a floor or are hair part for round face free standing on the flooring. If you cannot afford one, using a desk lamp to highlight the realm you might be working on could be helpful. I generally use one like this:

Glasses are another issue – I do think it is value getting your eyes checked if you haven’t just lately had an eye examination and mentioning the shut work you’re doing or will likely be doing. I wear glasses for mild quick sightedness and astigmatism. I have seen that when I am doing any shut work (not just wig making, however crafting and so forth.), if I lookup after focusing on an merchandise shut-up, I cannot focus correctly for distance vision. If I wear my glasses, I haven’t got this problem, so to keep away from eye strain and full blurriness once i lookup, I’ve been wearing them for wig making.

Use a contrasting backgroung colour to assist your eyes see the difference between hair and lace/foundation material. Vibrant blue paper or blue painters tape helps to create contrast between the lace and hair. This can be crucial if you are utilizing less ‘seen’ hair. For instance, I am at present using darkish hair in opposition to a pale/translucent lace, which is ok if the lighting is nice as the darkish towards light is pretty obvious. However, when doing restore work for someone else, I was working with blonde hair on a translucent lace. The bottom colour of my block is a type of of taupey gray and isn’t very helpful for helping something (dark or gentle) to point out up. In this occasion (when working with lighter hair) I might undoubtedly use some sort of brighter colour behind it – the blue works properly and is favoured by wig makers. You can cowl the block (or styrofoam head if you’re using a type of) with it pretty easily or, if you are in a pinch and have some bright blue paper, you should use that by pinning a small section of it to the block or head beneath the realm you’re working on. I have used both and they work equally effectively visually. Although in the long term, the tape works higher as you may cover the entire area you’ll be engaged on. If you use the paper, it’s not practical to cowl the whole area as you will discover you could have pins holding the paper down which get in the way of your work and could doubtlessly snag your basis.

To sum up..
– Ensure enough, bright lighting is illuminating the realm you’re engaged on
– Create constrast between the hair and lace if obligatory
– Wear glasses, if needed, and/or use a magnifyer to prevent eye strain

– Make certain to maintain your work close enough that you can see it properly – use a cushion, wig cradle, clamp or stand to get the block at the correct distance

Breaks – it is simple to get sucked into the wig making vortex and find yourself ventilating for hours with no break. It is a good suggestion to alter positions every so usually – stand up and stroll round for a couple of minutes, have a drink, look at something in the space (good in your eyes to focus on far away if you have been specializing in shut-up work for a while – based on my optician).. stretch! Give your hands a wiggle – they’ll get a bit stiff (in my case) and sore from holding the hair beneath a specific amount of stress and from holding the needle holder. Should you wrestle to recollect to take a break, set a timer to go off periodically.

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Wig making ought to be fun! As it takes fairly a long time to make a wig from scratch (especially if you are a newbie and learning how you can make the muse and to get right into a ventilating rhythm), it is worthwhile taking somewhat time to determine an excellent place so that you can take pleasure in many joyful, versatile and pain-free hours of wig making!


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